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Episode 192: Women of Color Can Be Wealthy Too


Episode 192 talks about how women of color can be wealthy too, featuring Ellie Diop, Dr. Jatali Bellanton, Davonne Reaves & Anne-Lyse Wealth. Listen now!

Episode 192: Women of Color Can Be Wealthy Too

Ellie Diop is an entrepreneur, speaker, youth mentor, business coach and podcast host of Get Ellievated. She has extensive experience in Sales, Management, and Leadership Development. At 25 years old, she was leading a team of 100 people as director of sales for a financial institution.

Ellie started her business out of necessity after being laid off from her job. By providing resources to start an online business and earn money online, she has empowered thousands of women and has grown her Instagram following from less than 500 people to over 100,000 in 7 months. Ellie is a mother of four and has a deep passion for youth empowerment and development.

You can follow Ellie on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

Founder of the youth financial literacy organization, Kids Who Bank. and Brilliant Minds Unite, Dr. Jatali Bellanton thinks that we should and that they provide opportunities to build wealth. After working in the investment banking world for over a decade, Jatali created a financial literacy curriculum that has been taught in close to 300 schools. In recent years, she dived into alternative newer investments and has not looked back since.

Jatali is passionate about providing tools to others, especially the younger generation, to gain financial knowledge to help them build wealth.

You can follow Jatali on Instagram.

Hospitality trailblazer Davonne Reaves is the Founder of The Vonne Group, an award winning hotel consultant, asset manager, owner of 3 hotels, and the Founder of Vesterr, the first crowdfunding platform for hotel investments.

After starting as a front desk agent in the hospitality industry 15+ years ago, Davonne held various positions in the hospitality industry, including in asset management at CHM Warnick, where she managed portfolios totaling over $1 billion in hotel assets.

Today, she uses that experience to teach the Black community how to become successful hotel investors and owner.

You can follow Davonne on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn.

Anne-Lyse Wealth is founder of Dream of Legacy , a platform helping building wealth with purpose. She’s a personal finance coach, financial author, Certified Public Accountant and host of a weekly podcast, The Dreamers Podcast. Anne-Lyse is passionate about helping people improve their finances and build long-term wealth. Before becoming a financial coach, she worked in Finance for 12 years.

After coaching a friend to create and execute a plan to get out of $200,000+ in student loan debt in less than 5 years, Anne-Lyse finally decided to follow her passion and establish her own business. She is dedicated to helping you use your finances to live life on your own terms. She believes that financial independence gives you more options in life.

Her first book, Dream of Legacy, made Time Magazine’s financial platform’s 2020 Best Personal Finance book, a month after its release.

You can follow Anne-Lyse on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

Episode 192 Highlights:

  • What wealth meant to them growing up & how that definition has evolved
  • Their wealth building journey’s and how they got started
  • The impact of relationships and money
  • Relating wealth to education for the next generation
  • Healthy entitlement is okay!
  • Mindset shifts needed in order to build generational wealth
  • And more

We loved this conversation that was a continuation from FinCon in 2022 when these ladies were on a panel together talking about building generational wealth in our communities. We love to see boss women like them having these types of conversations and creating their own seat at the table.

We want to see more representation of people who look like us and talk like us when it comes to building wealth, leaving  legacy’s for our children and the next generation and shifting the narrative around money & mindset that honestly has been one sided for way too long.

Thank you to these #poderosas for coming onto the show and gracing us with their grace, elegance and expertise!

Let us know in the comments below what was your biggest takeaway from episode 192!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa

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