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Episode 193: How To Become Financially Independent As A Family ft. Shang Saavedra | Save My Cents


Episode 193 talks about how to become financially independent as a family, featuring Shang Saavedra of  Save My Cents. Listen now!Episode 193: How To Become Financially Independent As A Family ft. Shang Saavedra | Save My Cents

Shang Saavedra is a work optional, frugal millionaire who wants you to learn how mental health and financial wealth are tied together. She reached the ability to work optional when she was 31. Now she is 37, a corporate working mom, and hopes to teach Americans that saving and investing a retirement is not rocket science, and can be done with just a few hours of effort a year.

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Episode 193 Highlights:

  • The pressures of securing a stable (and high paying) career as a first generation daughter of immigrants— Shang talks about how she felt the need to make her parents proud as a first generation Chinese-American in her education & career choices. We know A LOT of our listeners of the show can relate to that!
  • Her first introduction to entrepreneurship— Listen as Shang shares how she got started in side hustling in the world of photography while working in the corporate world, where that passion came from & how she was able to utilize the skills she learned as a corporate working woman to integrate in her own business venture.
  • Securing her first clients in her side hustle– Shang shares some tips on how she was able to find clients for her photography business by word-of-mouth and what you can do & where to go in order to find the right clientele for your own business! Take notes, mi gente!
  • Extreme frugality to reach financial independence— The idea of buying her freedom is what initially intrigued her goals of reaching FIRE. Listen to how Shang integrated this mindset in her mid 20’s with her now husband in order to reach her money goals and what steps she took to get there.
  • The connection between mental health & money—Shang is very open on her platform about the affects our mental health can have our own dinero. Listen to some advice she shares on what you can do to unlearn those limiting beliefs around money traumas that happened earlier in life.
  • And more!

Shang is a living example of what it looks like to be financially intentional with your dinero and using it to design the life that want, without the pressure of money that controls your decision making.

If reaching financial independence as a family is something that you’re trying to achieve in 2023 & beyond, this episode is for you! Let us know in the comments below what was your biggest takeaway from episode 193!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa

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