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Episode 237: How to Become Self Made | Nely Galán


Episode 237 talks about how to become self made, featuring Nely Galán. Listen to episode 237 now wherever you stream podcasts!

Episode 237: How to Become Self Made | Nely Galán

Nely Galán is a self made media entrepreneur. She was the first Latina President of Entertainment for a U.S. television network- Telemundo, and an Emmy Award winning producer of over 700 television shows in English and Spanish, including the hit reality series, “The SWAN” for 20th Century Fox, which she produced through her multi-media company Galan Entertainment. Her company also launched over 10 television channels abroad for companies like HBO, ESPN, FOX, MGM and Sony.

Galan took a mid -career sabbatical, completing a masters and doctorate Clinical Psychology, where she focused on the “Psychology of Money”, in multicultural communities. She then authored The New York Times bestselling book SELF MADE, Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way, which was published in English, Spanish and Mandarin, about the revolution in women’s entrepreneurship led by multicultural women in the U.S. and emerging women around the world.

Since then, Galán has founded The Adelante Movement non-profit, to empower and train Latina and other multicultural women both economically as well as entrepreneurially. Her digital platform, reaches women monthly and hosts content in financial literacy and self made stories of women of color as well as virtual content and webinars. The platform offers over 300 hours of content to small business owners of color for free.

During this pandemic, Galán has been producing webinars educating small business owners of color. In doing so, she has trained many on how to properly fill out forms for Federal and State Loans and grants, helped compile their financial paperwork, and connected them with banks and Fin-tech partners. She has trained over 1 million small business owners of color in entrepreneurship in person and online, working with SBA, all the chambers of commerce (Black, Latino, Asian) and all the non-profits and social justice groups, creating original content and hosting webinars teaching women and families how to save their businesses and get the PPP and EIDL loans.

Galán is a sought-after speaker—just during these last 5 years, she has spoken in over 500 cities advocating for small business owners of color. She has become an expert in virtual content as a way to scale teaching financial literacy and empowerment in diverse communities. In China, her book tour resulted in the selling of 2.1 million books. She has also spoken at The United Nations, The United States of Women, major corporations (Coca-Cola, American Express, J.P Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Walmart, Dell) and at tech companies (Google, Facebook, eBay, Uber). Furthermore, Galán’s speeches have inspired thousands of students across the United States.

Galan is an Emeritus board member of the Smithsonian Institute. She is an Emeritus board member of The Hispanic Scholarship Fund. She is also on the advisory board of The Aspen Institute, and on the corporate side has been an advisory board member of Coca-Cola’s Hispanic Council since 2008, and she is on the board of the Wild Alaskan corporation. Her next book, Don’t Buy Shoes Buy Buildings!, about investing in real estate, in order to “make money while we sleep” and become self made.

You can follow Nely on InstagramFacebook, TikTok and YouTube.

Episode 237 Highlights:

  • Her money story growing up
  • How getting expelled from school launched her career in the media industry
  • What it means to self made
  • And more!

Becoming self-made is all about embracing change and adapting to life’s twists and turns. It starts with a strong desire to achieve your goals and the determination to steer your own course. In this journey, you must be open to pivoting, evolving, and seizing opportunities as they come about.

The road to success rarely follows a straight path, so flexibility is key. By doing so, you not only attain financial independence but also gain a profound sense of self-reliance and resourcefulness. Your life becomes a canvas on which you can paint a picture that truly reflects your passions and values, all because you chose to take charge of your own destiny. We hope by listening to this episode, it motivates you to make the changes needed in your life to become self made!

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