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Ways You Can Boost Your Startup’s SEO Practices

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Typically, one of the main goals of a startup is to save money wherever possible. Because of that, you’ve likely already looked into or begun using some SEO practices to cover your marketing needs without spending too much money. However, the key to SEO is constantly making efforts to improve it. This article will cover some ways you can boost your startup’s SEO practices so that you can continue to find success for your company.

Ways You Can Boost Your Startup’s SEO Practices

Perform Keyword Research

A common dilemma that companies run into when starting their SEO is thinking they know which keywords are best to use. When you know the industry well enough, it’s easy to think that you know what kinds of phrases other people are looking for online. However, when programs that have the raw data exist, why try to guess? By doing some simple research with one of these programs, you’ll know exactly what people are searching for and be able to target accordingly.

Check out this list of 10 Free Keyword Research Tools.

When you’re looking at the keyword results, aiming for the middle ones is best. That way, you’re not competing for the hardest keywords to rank for.

Invest in Email Marketing

Email is an often-underutilized form of communication for startups, but it can offer so many SEO benefits. All you have to do is convince visitors to your site to sign up for email updates, and you’ll quickly grow a list of potential customers to whom you can better sell. Some people might say this side of SEO is outdated, but it still produces consistent results for companies that take the time to utilize it.

Create and Optimize Content

The number one way you can boost your startup’s SEO practices is by constantly creating and optimizing your website’s content, whether it’s product pages, keyword changes, or blogs. Search engines prefer fresh content, so if you change your site regularly or continually update it, these engines will look more favorably on you.

Just be aware that this takes time. Making a few updates won’t show instant results. Instead, you need to be consistent and patient to show search engines that your company is one worth promoting. You might move through the rankings at a slow pace, but SEO isn’t something that happens overnight.

Track Your Results

Of course, none of these changes mean anything if you’re not closely monitoring the results. Most website creators have built-in metrics, but you can download external programs that will give you more detailed stats. This data is invaluable, since it’ll show you what’s working and what isn’t. From there, you can make changes and optimize your site in a way that will give it a generous boost in rankings. Failing to do this step will make all your other SEO efforts pretty much pointless.

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