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Episode 98. How Investing & Entrepreneurship Can Help You Achieve Rich Auntie Status | Amanda Holden, Dumpster Doggy


Episode 98 provides an introduction to all things investing, including basic definitions, accounts, and diversification. Our guest Amanda Holden also speaks about her experience as a first-time business owner and launching her personal finance education platform.

Amanda Holden is an investing expert and founder of the Dumpster Dog blog (just wait til you find out the story behind this name😂). After spending six years working in investment management, Amanda realized that helping rich men get richer was not going to be it for her. Now, Amanda teaches women to use money as a tool to build wealth. Her goal is to democratize and deliver this vital education to those previously left out of these conversations.

You can follow Amanda on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Episode 98 Highlights:

  • Why her main wealth-building tool is investing—mainstream media and bro culture makes investing seem complicated and time-consuming. The reality? Amanda considers this to be one of the most efficient ways of building wealth and securing your financial future. From compound interest, to diversification, to automation, Amanda breaks down her different reasons for choosing to invest.
  • The circumstances that led to her decision to become an entrepreneur—unsurprisingly, Amanda did not like her workplace. She did not like the industry, the culture, and did not feel it was what she was meant to do. Listen to hear how Amanda described her headspace; this might even help you realize if it’s time for you to make a career pivot.
  • The realities of being an entrepreneur—going into entrepreneurship can be lifechanging. Amanda doesn’t regret choosing this path. But in this episode, she lays everything bare, including the difficult parts of this life. Amanda shares stories of toxic social media, time management, and learning to let go of having control. And we’ll remind you of one thing: there are no get rich, quick schemes out there.
  • Investing basics—Amanda’s entire platform is built on helping you understand investing. In this episode, she starts doing some of this work. After this episode, you’ll start understanding what the heck is a brokerage, how investing for retirement is different than investing for non-retirement, and the different ways you can make this an easy process. She even talks about memecoins! Hint: you will *not* want to invest all your money into one single coin. If you want an even deeper dive into investing, we like Episode 67 and Episode 48.
  • Financial self-care—if money gives you a lot of anxiety, what are some of the steps you can take? Listen to hear what helps Amanda feel good about her money. This includes having a cash reserve.

By the end of this episode, you’ll have a foundational understanding around investing and your different paths to building wealth. You’ll also have a much more realistic idea around entrepreneurship and starting a business. If you’re a beginner, this is a must-listen for you!

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