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Episode 88. How To Overcome Your Fears As A Business Owner | Nadia De Ala & Allison Carpio, Hella Rich Podcast


Episode 88 is all about overcoming your fears as a business owner, featuring Nadia & Allison from the Hella Rich Podcast!

Episode 88. How To Overcome Your Fears As A Business Owner | Nadia De Ala & Allison Carpio, Hella Rich Podcast

Allison Carpio & Nadia De Ala are entrepreneurs & the hosts of The Hella Rich Podcast, a show for Woman of Color entrepreneurs who want to get HELLA rich in money, time and joy! Join their free Facebook group here.

Allison Carpio is the author of “Shut Up and Take My Money!”, speaker, and marketing consultant. She got fed up seeing all the fake scarcity, high-pressure and sleazy tactics in the online marketing world. Now, she teaches Women of Color business owners how to get their customers thrilled (not pressured) to buy from them over and over again.

Nadia De Ala is a leadership & negotiation coach, speaker and facilitator. She is the founder of Real You Leadership, a program that helps badass, creative and ambitious Women of Color in Tech level up their relationships, influence and money, so they can create the empowered and free lives they really want. Through her coaching work, Nadia has supported her clients in making 20-55% more bank by teaching them negotiation mindset and strategy to self-advocate with confidence. She’s now directing her super powers to help BIPOC women embrace the transformational possibilities of thriving in the online business world, so they can get hella rich in time, money and joy.

You can follow Nadia and Allison on Instagram.

Episode 88 Highlights:

  • Growing up with money traumas—so many of us in the BIPOC communities are brought up with limiting beliefs around money. Listen to Nadia and Allison’s stories on how that affected them into adulthood. Money hoarding is a real thing!
  • Battling through scarcity mindset— Many first-gen entrepreneurs hold so much pressure on themselves to be successful due to the scarcity mindset that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. We feel like we need to hold ourselves to a certain level of success in order to honor all the hard work and sacrifice our ancestors did for us to be where we are today. And that can sometimes lead to becoming a workaholic and experiencing burnout. Listen to how Nadia and Allison battled through this mindset and how they made that shift.
  • The model minority myth around the AAIP community—Stereotypes are real, y’all. The misconception around the AAIP community not being a part of the BIPOC community is a huge misreading. Hear how this narrative affects Nadia and Allison and how they work around it. We have so much more in common than what we have that are different. We are ALL rooted in the struggle, y’all. WE ARE NOT EACH OTHER’S ENEMIES!
  • The origin story behind starting the Hella Rich podcast
  • How they started their entrepreneurship journey—Listen to how Nadia and Allison left their 9-5’s and dove head first into the world of entrepreneurship.
  • & much more!

We loved episode 88! It was hella deep, hella raw and hella informative. We appreciate the transparency Nadia and Allison shared with us. Thank you ladies for an amazing conversation!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa


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