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Episode 67. How To Invest Like A Girl | Mabel Nuñez, Founder of Girl$ On The Money


This month, we’ll be helping you get started on any financial and investment goals you’ve made. This week, let’s learn about investing and growing our money. Listen to episode 67 and read on to learn how to invest like a girl (AKA be a poderosa investor!)

Episode 67. How To Invest Like A Girl | Mabel Nuñez, Founder of Girl$ On The Money

Mabel is the founder and Chief Education Officer of Girl$ on The Money – a stock market investing education company targeted to women, minorities, and individuals that are underrepresented in the world of investing. She is passionate about investing education, helping women feel more confident around money topics, and empowering them to take action and control of their finances.

Mabel is also the best selling author of two investing books “Stock Market Investing Mini Lessons for Beginners” and Stock Analysis 101. She teaches highly rated courses around the topics of personal finance and investing. Through all of her resources, content, and social media platforms—she shares what she has learned (and continues to learn) thanks to 10+ years of investing experience and 2 finance degrees.

You can follow Mabel on Instagram.

Episode 67 Highlights:

  • Getting started—you don’t need to be making bank to start putting money in the market. Mabel recommends two things to focus on before you get started!
  • How not to treat investing like gambling—this is what most beginners think of when we think of investing. Buying penny stocks and “buy low, sell high.” But what people don’t understand, is that this is a consumer mentality, not an investor mentality.
  • Seeing her portfolio dip 40% in one week—this was the moment that tested Mabel and forced her to really practice what she preached. She did not check her portfolio for a few weeks when this happened; next time she checked it, it was back to normal.
  • Feeling like you have a mission—after working for 10 years in finance, Mabel didn’t feel like she was supporting the communities and missions she wanted to. So she threw herself into her business and continues to watch it grow!

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