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Episode 52. How To Make A Career Pivot And Reinvent Yourself | Fabi Paolini, Brand Strategist & Business Coach


Episode 52 is all about How to Make a Career Pivot & Reinvent Yourself with Fabi Paolini!

Fabi Paolini is a Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs generate massive breakthroughs in their businesses through the power of intentional and disruptive brand positioning, the same principles that allowed her to create a radical transformation in her business and go from struggling entrepreneur to thriving business owner with a multiple six-figure annual income in a matter of 18 months. She has helped over 200 entrepreneurs build premium brands that attract with marketing strategies that convert.

In 2016, Fabi (pregnant with her first child) & her husband made the difficult decision of leaving everything behind in Venezuela, and Fabi was faced with the reality of having to restart her career from scratch in the United States. After multiple trials and errors, Fabi unlocked the secret to success by trusting her gut, and built a successful multiple six-figure home-based business. ⁣⁣

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Episode 52 Highlights:

  • ⁣⁠The freelancer life⁣ and how Fabi built her brand strategy & business coaching business
  • Making a plan and then having to do something totally different, because life happens
  • Talking money and wealth-building while in a relationship⁣⁠
  • Being the breadwinner as a Latina, in a very patriarchal culture⠀
  • How to approach the problem of over-saturation—hint: that’s not the real problem!⁣⁠⠀

⁣⁠If you’re thinking about a career pivot, Fabi makes one thing evident: it will not be linear. Listen to this week’s episode to find out more!

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