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Episode 50. How To Leverage Your 9-5 Skills To Build Your Business | Lissette Calveiro, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Expert


Episode 50 features Lissette Calveiro, digital strategist, content creator & biz coach. Find out how she made the leap from 9-5 to biz owner!

Episode 50. How To Leverage Your 9-5 Skills To Build Your Business | Lissette Calveiro, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Expert

Mi gente, we’re celebrating episode 50 today! Today’s episode features Lissette Calveiro and is the perfect follow-up to our recent Elevate Your Influence workshop with Daniella from @iliketodabbleblog! In the workshop, we talked all things monetization and creating multiple income streams, make sure you check out the replay, it’s so worth it!

One of the things we touched on the during the workshop is how to be use social to establish your brand identity. The first step to building your biz is establishing your niche in the social media space and building a trustable, authentic brand. This conversation with Lissette is basically like a roadmap, y’all.⁠

Lissette Calveiro is a Miami native and New York City transplant, working in the heart of the city as digital strategist, content creator and business coach. An established influencer and content creator for more than 4 years, her digital channels focus on money, business and influencer marketing advice, with a pinch of her lifestyle recommendations and global finds. She has a strong pulse on the millennial and Gen-Z community.

Lissette was previously Director of Influencer Marketing at Ogilvy and has more than 8 years experience in PR and digital marketing, working across global and Fortune 500 brands in different genres. Her expertise is in social media, influencer marketing, digital partnerships, and earned media strategy.

You can follow Lissette on Instagram and TikTok, and check out her website.

Episode 50 Highlights:

  • Inheriting money beliefs⁠ from our parents and how to tackle them ⠀
  • ⁠The limiting belief of only being able to work in a career that aligns with your degree⁠⠀
  • ⁠Battling imposter syndrome on the road to building a brand and becoming an influencer⁠⠀
  • ⁠How to begin believing that your experiences validate your expertise⁠, even if you don’t have the titles and credentials that you think you need
  • and so much more!

One of our favorite things that Lissette said during our convo was that our stories are personal, and if we believe that our stories influence our brand and business, than there’s no way that someone could develop a biz like yours! We want to see all my Latinas Poderosas tapping into our stories and experiences to launch our ideas.

Listen to episode 50 with Lissette to feel inspired to tap into your skillset and your self! Be sure to check out our blog for more info on developing your brand!

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