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Episode 276: How To Double Your Salary | Carla Santamaria | First Gen Coaching and Consulting


Episode 276 features Carla Santamaria of First Gen Coaching and Consulting. This episode is for all of the 9-5ers out there. We’re talking about how to double your salary. Listen now!

Episode 276: How To Double Your Salary | Carla Santamaria | First Gen Coaching and Consulting

Carla Santamaria is a Honduran immigrant who more than doubled her salary in 10 months by job hopping from higher ed to healthcare to tech. She is now a career coach on a mission to help first gen women of color job hop to six figures while protecting their peace and actually enjoying their salary and lives outside of work.

Since 2021, she’s helped her clients collectively increase their salaries by more than half a million dollars. Carla is also the host of The First Gen Coach Podcast, where first generation professionals learn to advance their careers, unlearn limiting beliefs, and build wealth. You can follow Carla on Instagram.

In this episode, we chat with Carla Santamaria, a career coach who doubled her salary in 10 months through job hopping.

She discusses the taboo around job hopping in traditional households, the belief that education is the key to success, and the struggle of being underpaid in low-paying jobs. Carla also shares her journey of leaving higher education and transitioning into a higher-paying role in the tech industry.

In the conversation, Carla emphasizes the importance of intentionality and knowing your worth when making career moves. She shares strategies for career pivots, salary negotiation, resume optimization, and overcoming imposter syndrome.

She also highlights the need to focus on networking and building relationships, as well as customizing resumes for each job application.

If you’re someone who wants to increase your income, own your excellence, quantify your accomplishments & confidently ask for what you deserve, this episode is for you!

Episode 276 Takeaways:

  • Job hopping can be an effective strategy to increase your salary and find more fulfilling work.
  • Traditional households may view job hopping as taboo, but younger generations are realizing that loyalty does not always pay.
  • Education is often seen as the key to a better life, but it does not guarantee financial success.
  • Many people feel stuck in low-paying jobs because they believe they can only give back to their community through these roles.
  • It is important to strategically plan your career moves and leverage your existing skills when making a pivot.
  • Networking and having intentional conversations with professionals in your desired industry can open doors and lead to better opportunities.
  • Knowing your worth and advocating for yourself in salary negotiations is crucial to achieving higher pay.
  • Remote work can be a desirable factor when considering job opportunities.
  • Being honest and authentic in job interviews can make the process easier and more successful. Research potential career opportunities and translate skills into new fields
  • Advocate for yourself in salary negotiations and arm yourself with facts
  • Focus on networking and building relationships to increase job opportunities
  • Customize resumes for each job application and highlight quantifiable accomplishments
  • Overcome imposter syndrome by practicing advocating for yourself and owning your excellence


  • 00:00 – Introduction and the Benefits of Job Hopping
  • 02:49 – Taboos and Beliefs in Traditional Households
  • 06:29 – The Myth of Education as the Key to Success
  • 09:18 – The Struggle of Being Underpaid in Low-Paying Jobs
  • 15:54 – Strategic Career Moves: Transitioning to a Higher-Paying Role
  • 21:23 – Knowing Your Worth: Advocating for Higher Pay
  • 23:46 – The Desirability of Remote Work
  • 25:40 – Authenticity in Job Interviews: Being Honest About Career Goals
  • 24:13 – Strategies for Successful Salary Negotiation
  • 32:48 – Optimizing Resumes for Job Applications
  • 39:31 – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Owning Your Excellence

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