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Episode 261 features everything you need to know about podcasting do’s & don’ts. If podcasting is something you’ve been wanting to do, but have NO CLUE where to start, this episode is for you!

Episode 261: Podcasting Do's & Don'ts

In this week’s solo episode, I’m talking about everything you need to know about podcasting. Whether you’re a newbie entering the space or a seasoned podcaster who needs a little more direction, I got you, boo!

I’m letting you know the inside scoop on our own podcasting journey and spilling the tea on how to grow your show outside of social media. I also touch on the importance of starting with a set topic before expanding beyond your niche.

From the pros and cons of free vs. paid podcast hosts, to the time commitment needed to build a successful podcast, I’m answering all your questions to podcast like a pro!

Episode 261 Takeaways:

  • Get your podcast out there by beefing up your SEO game and giving your episodes catchy titles that draw people in
  • Nail down a specific theme for your podcast to attract your tribe and stand out in the crowd
  • Splurge a bit on paid podcast hosts to open up more money-making opportunities
  • Remember, building a successful podcast requires patience & genuinely wanting to help your listeners
  • Set up systems to produce content efficiently and stick to a consistent release schedule


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:41 – Promoting a podcast beyond socials
  • 01:37 – Choosing a specific topic
  • 05:01 – Free vs. paid hosts…which is better?
  • 05:30 – The timeline behind building a successful podcast
  • 06:25 – Podcast content creation tips
  • 09:05 – Patience, patience, patience
  • 12:35 – Audio podcasts vs. YouTube channels
  • 13:05 – Collaboration is key!
  • 14:26 – Using AI tools
  • 21:26 – Monetizing a podcast blog
  • 22:49 – Enrollment for Master the Mic

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired & #staypoderosa ✨💎

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