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We have a surprise bonus episode you this week, mi gente! Listen to episode 254 and find out the secrets of six-figure creators!

Episode 254: The Secrets Of Six-Figure Creators

Yo Quiero Dinero® Founder Jannese Torres is a nationally-acclaimed, 5x award-winning Latina Money Expert, Educator, Speaker, Writer and Business Coach.

She became an accidental entrepreneur after a job loss led her to create a successful Latin food blog, Delish D’Lites®. Now, she helps her clients and listeners build successful online businesses that allow them to pursue financial independence and freedom.

Jannese is on a mission to educate marginalized communities on topics like entrepreneurship, investing, and building generational wealth through her personal finance podcast, “Yo Quiero Dinero®“. 

The podcast has been featured on BuzzFeed, Telemundo, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, NextAdvisor (Time), Grow Magazine (CNBC), & much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how TF are people actually making money online that’s SUSTAINABLE, this surprise bonus episode is a must listen!

In this episode, we discuss the secrets to six-figure creators based on a report from Kajabi. We highlight the importance of diversifying income streams, owning your platform, the limitations of relying on brand deals and the need for multiple revenue sources.

We also explore the success of online courses and the value of digital products. We encourage creators to build their audiences on social media while driving revenue on their own websites. We discuss the ethical dilemma of working with brands and the use of AI tools by successful creators, and conclude by emphasizing the importance of financial security and wealth building for creators.

Episode 254 Takeaways:

  • Diversify your income streams and own your platform to achieve financial success as a creator.
  • Relying solely on brand deals is not sustainable; explore other revenue sources such as online courses and digital products.
  • Build your audience on social media platforms, but drive revenue on your own website to reduce reliance on social media.
  • Invest in financial security and wealth building by diversifying your income and exploring opportunities outside of social media.
  • Consider using AI tools to save time, reduce burnout, and increase content output as a creator.


  • 00:00 – Introduction to the Secrets of Six-Figure Creators
  • 02:08 – Defining a Creator and the Growth of the Industry
  • 03:04 – The Importance of Diversifying Income Streams
  • 04:01 – The Limitations of Relying on Brand Deals
  • 04:51 –The Majority of Creators Earn Less Than $100,000 a Year
  • 05:17 – The Role of Social Media Platforms in Building Audiences
  • 06:16 – The Real Money Lies in Ownership and Diversification
  • 06:59 – The Success of Creators on Kajabi
  • 07:45 – The Importance of Multiple Revenue Streams
  • 08:27 – Top Revenue Streams for Six-Figure Creators
  • 10:29 – The Benefits of Consulting and Coaching
  • 11:11 – The Value of Income Diversification
  • 12:34 – The Success of Online Courses
  • 13:50 – The Importance of Digital Products
  • 14:19 – The Risk of Depending on Social Media Platforms
  • 15:47 – Building Audiences on Social Media and Revenue on Websites
  • 16:58 – The Ethical Dilemma of Working with Brands
  • 18:30 – The Use of AI Tools by Six-Figure Creators
  • 20:05 – Investing in Financial Security and Wealth Building
  • 21:57 – Fastest-Growing Niches for Six-Figure Creators
  • 23:38 – The Irrelevance of Follower Count for Financial Success
  • 24:56 – Creators’ Concerns and Plans for the Future
  • 29:35 – The Role of AI in Reducing Burnout
  • 31:37 – The Importance of Diversifying Income Sources
  • 33:21 – Conclusion and Invitation to Business Finances Class

It probably feels like everyone on the internet is telling you why you should start a business. And I totally agree! Entrepreneurship is the fastest way to wealth, but let’s be real. Running a business is tough.

I’ve dealt with crazy tax bills I didn’t expect, underestimating the cost of investments and scrambling to secure funding, and pricing my services too low. The money side of entrepreneurship is sticky AF.
Let’s break down the pain points that might be hitting close to home for you.
Managing Your Cash Flow:
I know how it feels when it seems like money is just slipping through your fingers. Juggling bills, waiting on payments, and dealing with unexpected costs can throw everything off. It’s like trying to dance while walking on a tightrope – one misstep, and it feels like everything could come crashing down.
Tax Hassles:
Taxes are a headache, right? The rules are always changing, and keeping up can be a real challenge. Staying on Uncle Sam’s good side is crucial, but it feels like you’re tiptoeing through a maze of forms and regulations. Miss a step, and suddenly you’re dealing with fines or, worse, an audit. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.
Pricing Yourself For Profitability:
In today’s competitive landscape, standing out and setting the right prices can be a constant struggle. Entrepreneurs often grapple with finding that sweet spot – offering competitive prices while ensuring profitability. It’s like a balancing act on a tightrope; charge too much, and customers might go elsewhere, charge too little, and you risk selling yourself short. Navigating this delicate balance requires a keen understanding of the market and a strategic approach to pricing.
Everyone tells you to start a business, but no one’s teaching you how to make it financially sustainable!

This is why I’m hosting my brand new workshop…

I created this live interactive workshop because I’m tired of business coaches that are teaching you all the wrong ways to build a sustainable business.
It’s not enough to know how to make money, you have to learn how to keep it and grow it.
During this live workshop you’ll learn:
  • How to read financial statements, understand key performance indicators, and gain insights into the financial health of your business.
  • How strategic financial planning can be the driving force behind your business triumph.
  • Techniques to ensure a healthy financial flow that propels your business forward
  • The secrets of turning investments into strategic advantages
  • Risk management strategies that safeguard your business against financial uncertainties.
  • And more. plus a live Q&A!
Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to business finance and set your entrepreneurial journey on the path to prosperity. Secure your spot now!
Can’t attend live? No problem! All registered attendees will get replay access for 30 days, so no excuses! Get your ticket now and let’s get your business budget on point!

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Meet Jannese

Jannese Torres is a award-winning Latina Money Expert, Educator, Speaker, Writer and Business Coach. She became an accidental entrepreneur after a job loss led her to create a successful Latin food blog, Delish D’Lites. Now, she helps her clients and listeners build successful online businesses that allow them to pursue financial independence and freedom.

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