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Episode 250: YQD® Success Stories: How Juliana Created 5 Figures In Her First Year In Business | Juliana Londono


Episode 250 features another YQD® success story! We chat with Juliana Londono & share how she created 5 figures in her first year in business! Listen now!

Episode 250: YQD® Success Stories: How Juliana Created 5 Figures In Her First Year In Business | Juliana Londono

Juliana Londoño is a proud Latina, bilingual, and licensed mental health therapist in NJ. Her business focuses on the intersectionality of mental health and the Latino/BIPOC communities. Her mission is to bring awareness, education, and resources through various outlets.

Juliana has served as a thought leader, keynote speaker, and podcast guest. She has collaborated with #WeAllGrow Latina, LinkedIn News, and has been featured on Univision and NY Pix11 News. Juliana is currently enrolled in the Bank of America Women’s Entrepreneurship Program with Cornell University. She is a community advocate and volunteers with America Needs You-NJ and Leading Young Women.

During her free time, she enjoys figure skating, completing jigsaw puzzles, and spending time in nature. To learn more and connect with her, please visit her website.

Episode 250 Highlights:

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Navigating through fears of entrepreneurship
  • Diving head first into the entrepreneurial world
  • Finding inspiration
  • Marketing yourself on LinkedIn
  • Her first paid speaking gig
  • Building a legacy & giving back
  • Navigating financial challenges
  • And more!

The theme when listening to Juliana’s story is this: do it scared, do it imperfectly and evolve as you go. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you take yourself out of the game before you even get to play! We want to thank Juliana for sharing her story to our community. Thank you for inspiring us to really see that these things we want to create, these businesses, these ideas… they can come to life, but it starts with you!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired & #staypoderosa ✨💎

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