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Episode 247 [REPLAY]: How to Market & Grow Your Brand featuring Nicole Nieves | The Brand Vibe


All December long, we are replaying our top 4 most popular episodes of 2023! This week’s replay episode is episode 194, with Nicole Nieves of The Brand Vibe. Listen now!Episode 247 [REPLAY]: How to Market & Grow Your Brand featuring Nicole Nieves | The Brand Vibe

Nicole Nieves is a brand expert, digital marketing strategist, business coach, and mother of 3 growing boys. After spending 15 years as a corporate exec running multimillion-dollar launch campaigns, she started her own company, The Brand Vibe, to help other entrepreneurs market their brands and scale their businesses.

With a passion for elevating leaders, she earned the trust of over 300 clients in just 2 short years and recently expanded her company to include her done-for-you marketing agency for brands along with mentorship + education for the CEOs behind the brands through her online university.

Nicole is also the host of The Brand Vibe Podcast, brews a mean cup of café con leche, and loves spending her free time sweating it out at a Zumba class or cheering it up at her boy’s sports games.

You can follow Nicole on her websiteInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok.

Episode 247 Highlights:

  • What makes a brand…a BRAND?— We loved the definition Nicole gave to this question that I’m sure you’ve asked yourself once or twice in your life. Building a business and your brand is SO much more than aesthetic fonts & colors, creating an eye-catching logo and having a fancy looking website. There’s more depth to it, mi gente!
  • Your brand voice & what that means— Nicole breaks it down on what it means to have a brand voice and how to identify your own for your business.
  • Her entrepreneurial journey— Listen to Nicole as she talks about what it was like working in corporate America to working in a non-profit, to then transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship and why she decided to become her own boss. We LOVE to see women of color, especially First-Gen Latinas, in positions of power & showing up for our communities!
  • How to find your first client(s) as a new entrepreneur— Y’all…LOTS OF FREE GEMS ARE BEING DROPPED IN THIS EPISODE! Especially if you’re a new entrepreneur who is just getting your toes wet in the entrepreneurial world, you’re gonna want to take the advice Nicole shares on how to make that happen when it comes to finding clients to serve.
  • There’s no f*cking thing as MARKET SATURATION🙄— You’ve heard us say this time & time again… But we have Nicole here to back up what we’ve been preaching to y’all. YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN SEAT AT THE TABLE! Listen to Nicole’s thoughts around aspiring entrepreneurs who hesitate to start because of thoughts of imposter syndrome, over saturation & more.
  • Social media tips for entrepreneurs— Social media can be a necessary evil for many of us, especially if you’re a digitally-centered entrepreneur, but it’s absolutely necessary to be online in some way if you’re building a business. Nicole shares some tips on how we can show up online in a way that attracts the people we want to attract & more importantly, not letting social media take over your life and turn into an unhealthy obsession & how to prevent burnout.
  • When is it time to outsource?— Nicole shares her thoughts around when an entrepreneur should consider outsourcing, what are the best areas to focus on & when to decipher it’s time to scale your business to the next level. Give yourself permission to not have to do ALL the things!
  • And more

If you want to learn how to market your brand & launch your offers to scale your business, episode 247 is. MUST LISTEN!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa

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