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Episode 233: How to Launch a Beauty Brand | Leslie Valdivia & Joanna Rosario Rocha | Vive Cosmetics®


Check out episode 233 featuring Leslie Valdivia & Joanna Rosario Rocha of Vive Cosmetics® . We’re chatting about how to launch a beauty brand. Listen now! 

Episode 233: How to Launch a Beauty Brand | Leslie Valdivia & Joanna Rosario Rocha | Vive Cosmetics®

Leslie and Joanna, founders of Vive Cosmetics®, are first-generation Latinas with a mission to create a more equitable beauty industry. They wanted to create a brand that authentically represented them, their primas and amigas – starting from the founders all the way to models, marketing campaigns and everything in between.

Leslie and Joanna are embedded in the community and uniquely understand the customer they serve. With combined experience of over 15 years in business management, marketing and communications, as well as being avid beauty lovers – they have built a company from the ground up. With several industry acknowledgements and dozens of media mentions, Vive Cosmetics® is poised to grow along with the ever-growing Latina and Latino/e/x consumer.

Joanna graduated from San Jose State University in 2012. For the last 10 years Joanna has run a successful tax franchise and in 2015 she received recognition for being one of the top offices in the nation, also making her the youngest receipt to get this honor. She has experience running multiple tax offices, managing employees, payroll, bookkeeping and preparing both personal and small business tax returns.

Joanna’s passion for beauty stems from the creating a channel of her own YouTube channel in the early days of beauty gurus. Although she said goodbye to her YouTube days, she continue
She is proud of her Puerto Rican and Mexican roots and

Leslie is an award-winning bicultural and bilingual Latina entrepreneur and communications professional. Her background involves working on national and statewide marketing and public relations campaigns with recognizable brands, organizations and government entities. Leslie brings her well-rounded experience in social media marketing, campaign development and management to create innovative strategies to reach diverse communities and drive business growth. In 2019, Leslie received the Latina Estrella Rising Award from the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for her work in the community and business growth. Leslie is also a National Leaders Council (NLC) Institute alumna. NLC develops, connects, and uplifts inclusive, cross-sector leaders who transform our country through social and political change rooted in equity.

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Episode 233 Highlights:

  • Leaning into your culture as a business owner
  • The journey prior to becoming entrepreneurs
  • How Vive Cosmetics® came to be
  • Action steps to build a beauty brand
  • How they scaled a business as full-time 9-5ers
  • Transition to full time entrepreneurship
  • The inspo behind the name, Vive Cosmetics®
  • Navigating through difficulties in a business
  • And more!

We loved this conversation with Leslie! The biggest lesson we took away from our conversation is this… find the problem + create the solution! There is no such thing as market saturation when it comes to building a business. YOU have the ability to create your own table and speak to your community with whatever business venture you decide to embark on. The first step you need to do? START THE DAMN BUSINESS, AMIGA! Be sure to let us know what your biggest takeaway was from this conversation. Drop it in the comments below!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa ✨ 

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