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Episode 232: Give Yourself Permission to Change Your Life | Rachel Luna | Girl Confident


Check out episode 232 featuring Rachel Luna of Girl Confident. We promise this episode will give yourself permission to change your life! Listen now! 

Episode 232: Give Yourself Permission to Change Your Life | Rachel Luna | Girl Confident

Rachel Luna is a Certified Master Neuroscience & Life Coach, international speaker, and host of the top rated podcast, Permission to Offend where she talks faith, worth and wealth. Forbes rated her one of the Top 11 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram (@GirlConfident) and her work, which goes beyond cliches, rah-rah speeches and platitudes and dives deep into the root of the issue, has been featured in Success, Latina, Huffington Post and Lifetime TV.

Born and raised in New York City, Rachel, who calls herself, “a magnet for miracles,” comes from a life of resilience. Despite losing both her parents to AIDS, struggling with eating disorders in her teens and battling alcoholism and depression in her early 20’s, Rachel has never allowed herself to be limited by life circumstances. Instead, she persevered and when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in the summer of 2019, Rachel tackled it the same way she does everything—with grit, tenacity, faith & confidence.

These experiences, along with her decade of service in the United States Marine Corps and tour of duty in Iraq during Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom have given her the strength and ability to not only handle adversity, but to thrive in it.

As a woman of color, who was repeatedly told to keep her mouth shut, not make waves and fall in line, Rachel has succeeded in remaining true to herself; speaking up, standing out and leading the charge to help others do the same. Her courses have helped over 3,000 women (and a few fellas) gain clarity, confidence and massive business growth, many of whom have crossed into six and seven figures with ease.

Standing only 4 feet 11 inches tall, Rachel is a tiny but mighty firecracker who lights up the room and galvanizes audiences all around the world. A captivating speaker, who brings massive fire and energy to any room she enters, Rachel has been invited to share her powerful talks across the globe including North America, Europe and Asia.

Rachel Luna is the coach, mentor, and teacher “every woman” needs, yesterday! Follow her on Instagram, Threads, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter & Pinterest. You can also purchase her new book, Permission to Offend (available in both English and Spanish!)

Episode 232 Highlights:

  • How her childhood affected her later on in life
  • Where her faith stems from
  • How to move past fear
  • Stop trying to see the full picture God has for you
  • Give yourself permission to offend
  • Why you should go against the grain to live in your authenticity
  • And much more!

We had the pleasure to have Rachel as one of our keynote speakers during our first annual Our Money, Our Power: Financial Freedom live, in-person summit earlier this year in Puerto Rico🇵🇷. When we tell you how powerful Rachel’s segment was…😮‍💨🙌🏼… if you know, YOU KNOW! (Be sure to sign up here for waitlist deets on our next OMOP event!)

We want to thank Rachel for coming onto the podcast to share her story & expertise with our audience. If there’s one thing you should take away from this episode, it’s this… GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU! We only have one life to live and we’re only on this Earth for a short amount a time… make the most of it, mi gente!

Be sure to let us know what your biggest takeaway was from this conversation. Drop it in the comments below!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa ✨ 

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