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Episode 229: How To Blend Culture & Commerce | Andres Izquieta | Chiki Chiki Boom Boom


Check out episode 229 featuring Andres Izquieta of Chiki Chiki Boom Boom as we talk about how to blend culture & commerce. Listen now!

Episode 229: How To Blend Culture & Commerce | Andres Izquieta | Chiki Chiki Boom Boom

Andres Izquieta is a multi-hyphenate CPG entrepreneur in the areas of food and beverage, fashion, and entertainment. His passion and drive sits at the intersection of sustainability, culture, community and consumer products.

He’s the CEO & Co-Founder of tropical water beverage company, Chiki Chiki Boom Boom, a brand driven by Latin culture, sustainability and social impact.

He’s also the Co-Founder of Five Four Group, a multi-million dollar fashion conglomerate with brands such as Five Four, Menlo Club, New Republic, Young & Reckless, and Ales Grey, who have collectively generated over $600 million in revenues.

Lastly, he’s the Co-Founder of the Latin community platform, Al Tun Tun.

Follow Andres on Instagram & LinkedIn. You can also check out his personal website.

Episode 229 Highlights:

  • How his childhood played a role in learning about entrepreneurship 
  • The origin story on how and why he founded multi-fashion companies while studying in college
  • How his consumer brand, Chiki Chiki Boom Boom, came to be
  • How to differentiate yourself in a competitive market (like fashion or consumer beverage spaces)
  • What should come first…the product or the community?
  • The origin story behind the name Chiki Chiki Boom Boom
  • Responding to critics around a niched down brand
  • And much more!

We loved this episode with Andres! He is giving you the permission to show up and step into spaces where you don’t see many who look like us. This conversation lets you know that there’s no such thing as a “saturated market”. Just because there’s many other companies, brands and businesses out there who may be doing the same thing you are doesn’t mean you can’t do it too! Add some of your sazón because there is NO ONE out there who can do it like YOU can. Show the f*ck up and show OUT, mi gente! Gracias Andres for sharing your expertise with our audience!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa ✨ 

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