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Episode 226: Entrepreneurship 101: Launching a Spice Company | Mayra Luz Colón | Healthy Rican


Check out episode 226 featuring Mayra Luz Colón of Healthy Rican as we talk all things entrepreneurship as a Latina business owner! Listen now! 

Episode 226: Entrepreneurship 101: Launching a Spice Company | Mayra Luz Colón | Healthy Rican

Mayra Luz Colón is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who’s obsessed with superfoods and family meal time. Known as the Nutrition Dork, Mayra is the driving force behind the Healthy Rican brand, bringing tasty Puerto Rican recipes and seasonings to homes everywhere.

Mayra is also the author of the cookbook Healthy Rican: Put the Latin Spice in your Healthy Life! She’s on a mission to banish bland foods and provide tasty alternatives for everyday people who want to eat well.

Mayra’s vision is to serve women stuck in their own health and wellness journey. To teach women how to unlock their true selves while embarking on a complete lifestyle and mindset reset.

Following your heart, your gut, and your wisdom is the key to well-being. Nutrition is a tool to guide us during the process—and Healthy Rican’s nutritious products and motivational services light the way.

You can follow Mayra on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Pinterest.

Episode 226 Highlights:

  • How she started building her business by turning a personal problem into a product
  • The platform she uses for her e-commerce brand & why
  • When she knew it was time to outsource
  • How to market your company through influencers 
  • Balancing entrepreneurship as a parent
  • And more!

We love to see a fellow Boricua 🇵🇷 in the entrepreneurial world paving for the way others to follow their dreams and make a difference in the community. Mayra saw a problem and decided instead of waiting for someone else to fix, she would do it herself. That’s the number one key to success in these entrepreneurial streets. Find a problem, create a solution and put your own twist to it. The sky is the limit for Mayra and we are so excited to continue witnessing her journey. May this episode give you the motivation and inspiration you need to remind yourself that you too can follow those wild dreams you’ve had in your soul. Make it happen. Don’t give up. And remember why you started. Get to it, amiga! We’re cheering you on!📣

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