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Episode 224: Bridging the Latino Wealth Gap through Tech | Olga Camargo & Juan C Avila | SHENIX™


Episode 224 talks about bridging the Latino wealth gap through tech, featuring Olga Camargo & Juan C Avila of SHENIX™. Listen now! 

Episode 224: Bridging the Latino Wealth Gap through Tech | Olga Camargo & Juan C Avila | SHENIX™

In today’s tech-driven world, the Latino community grapples with a persistent wealth gap, impeding economic mobility and inclusion. However, a dynamic movement is now underway, harnessing technology’s transformative power to bridge this divide. By embracing entrepreneurship, promoting financial literacy, increasing access to digital resources, and offering targeted mentorship, innovative initiatives seek to empower Latinos and create a more equitable landscape of prosperity.

SHENIX™ is an innovative financial company built by Latinas/x, for Latinas/x, providing culturally relevant financial services to the Latina/x community to help them accelerate their economic and social transformation while prioritizing their cultural mindset. SHENIX™ offers financial education, digital financial services, career planning, and salary negotiation resources, and access to investment advisory services that support Latinas/x life goals.

Their mission is to address Latina Equal Pay Day and support Latinas in closing the wealth gap, the widest faced by any group in the U.S. SHENIX™ is supported by the University of Illinois System, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce LatinX Incubator, Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, LatinaStyle Magazine, TechRise by P33, and is a member of 1871—Chicago’s premier technology and entrepreneurship Center. Negocios Now National Hispanic Business Publication listed FARO Associates DBA SHENIX™ in its “50 Most Powerful Business in Illinois.”

You can follow SHENIX™ on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. Click the link to check out the SHENIX™ app.

Episode 224 Highlights:

  • Their money story growing up
  • Lack of trust with financial institutions as communities of color
  • The difference between a fiduciary vs. a broker
  • The origin story of SHENIX™
  • What the app has to offer users
  • And more!

As we celebrate the strides made so far, it’s essential to remain vigilant in addressing the systemic issues that perpetuate the wealth gap, especially for us Latinos/Latinas/Latine. Collaboration between public and private sectors, along with a commitment to dismantling structural barriers, will be crucial in sustaining the momentum and fostering change for generations to come.

By amplifying diverse voices, such as Olga and Juan’s, continuing to support inclusive policies,  we can build a more just and prosperous society where the Latino community’s talents and potential flourish unhindered. Together, let us chart a course towards a future where technology becomes an ever more potent force for bridging divides and empowering all communities to thrive.

We want to thank Olga & Juan for the work that they’re doing to empower our communities that has been ignored for far too long. All major change in the world starts in ways like what SHENIX™ is doing; a grassroots movement that is identifying an issue and using platforms like these to advance the cause collectively. We hope this conversation inspires you to create a movement of your own in an area that has been lacking and overlooked for far too long! We are the change makers our ancestors would be so f*cking proud of!

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