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Episode 205: How to Unleash Your Magic | Cara Alwill | The Champagne Diet


Episode 205 talks about how to unleash your magic, featuring Cara Alwill. Listen now! 

Episode 205: How to Unleash Your Magic | Cara Alwill | The Champagne Diet

Cara Alwill is a worldwide bestselling author, host and creator of the top-rated podcast, Style Your Mind, and change agent for women.

As an early voice in the female-driven movement, Cara continues to be a leader in the space, liberating women to trust their intuition and create their own opportunities. She empowers her readers and clients to stop waiting for their big break and, instead, to publish their own books, start their own podcasts, host their own panels and design their own clothing lines; whatever their desires are.

Cara has spent the past 14 years in the creative space building her own brand based on her popular blog, The Champagne Diet. She has turned that blog into 9 bestselling books including the worldwide sensation Girl Code, a top 1% podcast called Style Your Mind with over 10 million unique downloads that has received high praise from media outlets like Forbes and Oprah Daily, and a successful global coaching and consulting practice where she helps other women entrepreneurs hone their unique voice and become leaders in their industries. Cara has been featured in Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, INC, Oprah Daily, Business Insider, Glamour, Marie Claire, and many more media outlets, and is a highly sought-after speaker.

Cara began her career in the music industry over 20 years ago, where she leveraged her internship experience and became an executive assistant to music mogul Clive Davis. She also worked on digital marketing campaigns for artists Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, and other popular artists. She later moved on to MTV, where she spent 8 years in digital advertising managing multi-million dollar ad campaigns for brands like Cover Girl, Kraft, and others. Her unique blend of entertainment experience coupled with her passion and drive for creating her own brand and empowering women make her a standout media expert and entrepreneur.

You can follow Cara on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & her website.

Episode 205 Highlights:

  • What life was like for her before entering the world entrepreneurship
  • Why you need to choose happiness
  • Moments of challenge she’s faced along her journey
  • Navigating life as a successful woman in the dating world
  • Love & money in relationships
  • How to pinpoint your purpose
  • Channeling abundance in your life
  • And more!

We loved this conversation with Cara. She is such an inspiration to our audience and we know that just by showing up and being her authentic self, she’s doing incredible work. Cara invites us to question the things we’ve been told about who we need to be and how we need to show up in the world. You have a forever fan in us, Cara! Thanks for gracing us with your magnetic presence on the show!

If you’re ready to unleash your own magic, episode 205 is a must listen!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa ✨ 


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