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Episode 203: Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed | Lynn Frair | FI Healthcare


Episode 203 discusses health insurance options for the self-employed, featuring Lynn Frair. Listen now! 

Episode 203: Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed | Lynn Frair | FI Healthcare

Lynn Frair is a nurse, personal finance enthusiast, and the founder of FI Healthcare, who started investing her baby-sitting money at age 12. After a brain tumor in her 20’s wiped out her savings, she re-built her investments to where passive income overtook her nursing wages and she was able to make work optional at 40.

She is regularly interviewed as a financially savvy nurse and has been a financial coach specifically for nurses. She’s transitioned to speaking for larger scale events with a focus on education and empowerment. Lynn’s mission is demystifying finances for nurses, actually making it fun, and empower them to build a financial runway for themselves and their families.

Lynn wants to equip individuals in the financial independence community with knowledge to choose the right healthcare option for themselves and to live rich lives full of intentionality.

She resides in the greater Seattle area with her husband, Carl, and their two young daughters where they refuse to set alarm clocks, drink loads of coffee, and jump in muddy puddles.

You can follow Lynn on Instagram.

Episode 203 Highlights:

  • What is a premium, deductible, and out of pocket max
  • What resources are available to you to learn more about your health care options
  • What options you have in terms of healthcare
  • Different options of insurance for the self-employed
  • And more!

Take a listen to this week’s episode for resources and information anyone can understand. It’s important to know what healthcare options are available to you and how you can better plan to budget for healthcare as an entrepreneur or early retiree. Healthcare is a barrier to pursuing dreams of entrepreneurship and flexible scheduling, and by removing that barrier, people can live more to their full potential and the world can benefit from their talents. Lots of gems are dropped, so be sure to have your pen & paper ready for this episode!

Check out Lynn’s FI Healthcare Cost Calculator here. The FI Healthcare Cost Calculator estimates the health expenses for each year of the rest of your life and determines how much money should be in investments today to cover all of those years.

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