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Episode 196: From Rags to Riches with Online Entrepreneurship | Chelsea Guarriello | HG Marketing LLC


Episode 196 is a story about how Chelsea Guarreillo from HG Marketing LLC went from rags to riches with online entrepreneurship. Listen now!

Episode 196: From Rags to Riches with Online Entrepreneurship | Chelsea Guarriello | HG Marketing LLC

Chelsea Guarriello is a former celebrity makeup artist turned 7-figure online business owner.

She was sick of working dead-end jobs to make ends meet. Working from home, starting a family and having the ability to control her days off, how many hours she worked and how much money she produced was the ultimate goal. She dreamt of traveling, getting paid while doing it and making money in her sleep.

Drop-shipping changed Chelsea’s life. Within the first month, she made $20,000. Since then, she’s made 7 figures with her drop-shipping business. She knew she wanted to spread the knowledge she learned which is how her business HUNIGOLD and signature drop-shipping courses, Online Business Mastery & Pennies 2 Goldwere born.

Chelsea has help women become independent business owners without the need of experience or tons of time. She’s built a strong community and platform for business owners, parents and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready and eager to learn. Chelsea has motivated and mentored thousands on how she’s made millions in E-commerce, drop-shipping and selling digital products. Her mission is to put more women at the top and create generational wealth.

You can follow Chelsea on her websiteInstagram, TikTokTwitter, FacebookYouTube.

Episode 196 Highlights:

  • What her career looked like prior to entrepreneurship— Chelsea shares with our listeners what it was like working in the service-based industry and realizing she wanted more out of life than just working to the bone and being burned out day in and day out.
  • Why so many of us struggle with what success looks like— Thanks to good old social media, a lot of us think that success is an overnight thing if you have “the right product” or “the perfect online course”… and that’s just not the case. Chelsea talks about why it’s so important to focus on the hustle and hard work that comes from building a successful & long-lasting online business.
  • Reclaiming her power after leaving a toxic & abusive relationship— Chelsea shares the time when she was able to reclaim her power & find the light within herself to get out of a toxic situation and how she was able to use her natural born gift of being curious to create the life she always dreamt of. The definition of going from survival mode to thriving.
  • How she got started in the E-commerce world— Chelsea takes us on the journey of how she came across drop-shipping as a way to make money for her and her family and how important it is to educate yourself in whatever business venture you’re going to dive into as a new entrepreneur. SO MANY GEMS ARE DROPPED, Y’ALL! Make sure you have your notepad out!✍🏼
  • The trials and errors as a new entrepreneur— We’ve said it time & time again, y’all… Every business venture you dabble in won’t be your most lucrative idea. Chelsea talks about the process it took for her to learn the ins & out of drop-shipping until it finally became something that she was able to monetize on a consistent basis.
  • Why you need to prioritize social media as an online business owner— We loved Chelsea’s no bullsh*t attitude when it comes to how and why you need to focus on social media to attract the right customers for your business. STOP WITH THE EXCUSES Y’ALL! IT’S TIME TO PUT IN WERK📢
  • How to determine a winning product in drop-shipping— Chelsea lets us know what makes a product worth selling in your own drop-shipping business and realizing when it’s time to move on to a new product to sell. *Hint: Focus on solving a problem for a specific group of people!
  • And more

If Chelsea’s story left you feeling INSPIRED AF and you’re ready to dive head first into the world of online entrepreneurship and drop-shipping, then episode 196 is for you! Take a listen, jot down some notes, LISTEN BACK TO IT AGAIN and let us know what was your biggest takeaway from episode 196!

Interested in starting your own drop-shipping business? Her 2 signatures courses, Online Business Mastery & Pennies 2 Gold are 7 & 8 week online courses that will prepare you to jumpstart an E-commerce business through drop-shipping—a business model that requires no inventory, no warehouse management, and can be done completely automated by you without ever having to leave your house. Click the links to get started!

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