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Episode 188: How Naseema Paid Off $1 Million in Debt | Naseema McElroy | Financially Intentional


Episode 188 shares how Naseema paid off $1 million in debt, featuring Naseema McElroy of Financially Intentional. Listen now!

Episode 188: How Naseema Paid Off $1 Million in Debt | Naseema McElroy | Financially Intentional

Naseema is a published author and the founder of Financially Intentional, a platform about personal finance and living life intentionally.

Naseema discusses how taking control of her finances has enabled her to overcome bankruptcy, divorce, and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. She shares her lessons along her path to help others benefit from the freedoms of financial independence.

Outside of encouraging people to get their financial act together, Naseema is a mother and Labor & Delivery Nurse. Though making six figures for years, she struggled with money. Finally realizing she couldn’t out-earn her financial ignorance, she knew she had to make some changes.

By shifting her mindset around money, being consistent and intentional, she has paid off $1 million in debt and grew a six figure net worth in three years without living in deprivation.

You can follow Naseema on her website, Instagram & Facebook.

Episode 188 Highlights:

  • Her money story— Raised by a single dad, money was a struggle for the majority of Naseema’s life growing up. Listen to how that shaped her relationship with money as she became an adult and the challenges she faced along the way prior to starting her journey in personal finance.
  • Making 6 figures and still broke?— Naseema had all the things… the 6 figure salary. The house. The car. Everything on the “checklist” of life that means “you made it”…but she still found herself struggling every week! Sound relatable? Listen to how she started her journey to getting her finances in check in her mid 30s.
  • Life is gonna LIFE!— Y’all…the story Naseema shares around all of the life changes she experienced prior to paying off almost $1 million in debt has our jaws on the floor!🤯An important piece she shares is that regardless of what hardships she went through, the mindset she had allowed her to KEEP GOING no matter the circumstances. So inspirational! Take a listen!
  • Tackling her 7 figure debt— Listen to the steps Naseema took in order to pay down her debt in 3 years. The word of this episode is INTENTIONALITY mi gente! Listen now.
  • Staying motivated on the path of discipline— Paying off debt can be a challenge for anyone and keeping your word in getting rid of that debt isn’t easy. Listen to how Naseema was able to stay on track and remembered her “why” in order to reach her financial goals and some advice on how you can too!
  • Her platform, Financially Intentional— Listen to how Naseema her personal finance brand, Financially Intentional, came to be and the purpose behind it. Being vulnerable and sharing your story can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
  • And more!

The topic of debt is on a lot of people’s minds right now, especially in this inflationary environment where we feel like every dollar is doing less, so we feel like this episode is the perfect time to have this conversation. Sending a huge thank you to Naseema for her energy, passion and contribution to this much needed conversation. We know after listening to this episode, you’re going to be inspired AF to start taking ALIGNED ACTION in your own personal finance journey!

Let us know in the comments below what was your biggest takeaway from episode 188!

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