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Episode 187: How to Get a Book Deal | Richelle Fredson | Book Proposal Coach & Consultant


Episode 187 talks about how to get a book deal, featuring Richelle Fredson. Listen now!

Episode 187: How To Get a Book Deal | Richelle Fredson | Book Proposal Coach & Consultant

Richelle Fredson, book publishing consultant and the “six-figure book deal coach,” knows all the angles of the publishing biz.

An industry vet, she spent 15 years at Hay House Inc., most recently as the Director of Publicity and Book Marketing, as well as Acquisitions. She now works with aspiring and existing authors who are looking to expand their business, create an impact, and shift the current dialogue.

Her expertise, paired with her sharp instincts, has helped hundreds of authors create impactful and marketable book concepts and proposals, resulting in millions of dollars in publishing deals with top publishers. Her recent clients include Farnoosh Torabi, Chrissy King, Jannese Torres, Jen Winston, Dr. Vanessa Marin and more.

Richelle brings a unique gift to the table: she’s been on both sides of the deal and knows what publishers and authors are looking for and how to get it. Through this lens, she guides authors as they anchor their stories and amplify their expertise to make a greater impact.

She’s also the host of the Bound + Determined podcast where she lifts the veil on book publishing through education and interviews.

You can follow Richelle on her website & Instagram and check out her signature coaching program, The Proposal Blueprint.

Episode 187 Highlights:

  • How to know when you’re ready to write a book— Richelle shares her insight as an experienced professional in the world of book writing & publishing on when to realize it’s the right time to sit down and start sharing your story to the world. Such a lightbulb moment!💡
  • What an aspiring author should think about before landing a book proposal—Listen to what Richelle recommends you accomplish prior to thinking about writing a book. You may already be doing many of the things she mentions!
  • The importance of building a community— As Richelle says: “A publisher and a book deal is not gonna make you famous!” There is SO much more to the book writing and publishing process that goes into a successful book deal and Richelle breaks it down for you! Build the community first, mi gente!
  • From just a thought to landing a book deal— Richelle shares what the process looks like for someone to turn the dream of writing and publishing a book into actual reality. Take notes, y’all! So many free gems are being dropped!
  • You need an agent— Richelle talks about what you need to do in order to find the right publishing company to help your book come to life and yes, you need an agent to make it happen! Don’t worry, she tells you how to find the perfect agent for you.
  • Self publishing versus traditional publishing— Some people have a perception that if you go the self publish route, you won’t be taken as seriously as an author as opposed to traditional publishing. Is that fact or fiction? Listen to what Richelle has to say about this as a veteran in the publishing industry!
  • Overcoming internal conflicts as an aspiring author— Richelle shares common experiences many of her clients go through around mind roadblocks that come up as aspiring authors and shares some ways on how you can work through overcoming them. Y’all…that imposter syndrome is REAL AF!
  • And more!

There were so many amazing talking points throughout this episode for all of our aspiring authors out there. We want to send Richelle a huge thank you for coming onto the show and sharing her expertise with our audience. Having support from people like Richelle is how you can, as she so eloquently put: if you have a book in your heart, let’s make it a book in reality. We adore you Richelle and thanks for helping us turn our book idea into reality (soon to come!)🤩🥳

Let us know in the comments below what was your biggest takeaway from episode 187!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa

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