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Episode 184: How to Launch a Web Design Business | Shirley Ansley | The Shirley T Brand


Episode 184 talks about how to launch a web design business featuring Shirley Ansley of The Shirley T Brand. Listen now!

Episode 184: How to Launch a Web Design Business | Shirley Ansley | The Shirley T Brand

In 2015, Shirley went on a journey to start a business and tried to DIY her website only to find out that making your own website is kind of hard. She became instantly obsessed with figuring out how to build a website the right way and along the way found herself starting a business as a freelance website designer.

She ran her business on the side while still working a full-time job for almost two years until finally taking the leap to go full-time as a freelancer. Shirley left her 9-5 while three months pregnant with her second child a few months before the pandemic hit.

Today, she is a successful (and profitable) freelance website designer who’s had the privilege of working with award-winning podcasts, POC women-led businesses, and national organizations.

You can follow Shirely on her websiteInstagram, Dribble, & LinkedIn.

Episode 184 Highlights:

  • How she got started as a business owner—Shirley takes us on the journey of how she was able to become an entrepreneur by creating her own web design business she built from the ground up, all the while working at her day job before she made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship!
  • Hustle mode activated—Shirley realized if she wanted to take her then side hustle seriously, balancing her time needed to be established. However, that was a struggle to work through in the beginning of her journey. Listen to some real advice from Shirley for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there who want to take their business to the next level when it comes to balancing your time and setting boundaries within your business.
  • Charging your worth—Shirley shares the journey of achieving financial freedom by creating more income for herself and all of the mind work and limiting beliefs she had to work through throughout the process.
  • Pivoting your first business idea—What Shirley started off with as her original business plan wasn’t what she ended up doing now. Let’s normalize changing our minds and switching things up in our businesses until we find what works best for us! Sometimes, your first idea isn’t your best idea, y’all!
  • Planning her exit strategy from her day job—Shirley shares what steps she put in place before she was comfortable enough to leave her career to jump head first into full time entrepreneurship. So many times we see online how full time entrepreneurship is glamorized and that’s not the case, y’all. Take a listen!
  • How Shirley markets herself to find clients—Shirley shares some tips for listeners on how to market yourself and your business in order to find your next client.
  • Outsourcing tasks to scale your business—Listen to how Shirley was able to outsource tasks in her business in order to step into that CEO/boss role and how you can do the same!
  • And more!

We loved this conversation with Shirley and we know it’s going to inspire our listeners to explore their side hustle passions that could potentially give them that financial and time freedom so many are looking for!

A huge thank you to Shirley for coming onto the show to share her inspiring journey. It’s amazing to see women of color like Shirley taking up space these entrepreneurial streets, owning her worth, being unapologetic AF about her talents and charging accordingly! We LOVE to see it!

Let us know in the comments below what was your biggest takeaway from episode 184!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa

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