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Episode 168: Why Everyone Needs Wealth Management Access | Calvin Williams of Freeman Capital


Episode 168 talks about why everyone needs wealth management access, featuring Calvin Williams of  Freeman Capital. Listen now! 

Episode 168: Why Everyone Needs Wealth Management Access | Calvin Williams of Freeman Capital

Calvin F. Williams, Jr. is the first African American owner of an SEC-registered automated financial planning platform for retail customers. As the CEO and Founder of, he aims to close the wealth gap in overlooked communities across the country through increasing access to financial planning, investment management, and financial education.

Calvin has completed TechStars, Northwestern Mutual + Gener8tor Accelerator, Google for Startups. He has also raised over $1,000,000 in funding for Freeman Capital.

Since age 12, Williams has had an entrepreneurial spirit starting his first business venture, a lawn care service. He has been named a multiple 40 Under 40 Winner by Investment News, Greensboro Business Journal, and others.

You can follow Freeman Capital on Instagram.

Episode 168 Highlights:

  • His relationship with finances growing up—Calvin grew up in a home where transparency around money was normalized. We love to see it, as these conversations are not common, especially in communities of color. Let’s continue to have conversations around financial literacy that we can pass on to our children and generations to come!
  • The entrepreneurial spirit within Calvin—Starting at a young age, Calvin had several different jobs that taught him the ins and outs of being a businessman, which is how he ended up being the founder and CEO of his own company in adulthood!
  • How Freeman Capital came to be—Calvin takes us on the journey of how he transitioned from web building to creating a company that helps individuals gain access to wealth management.
  • What exactly is Freeman Capital?—Calvin breaks down what it’s actually doing to serve it’s users.
  •  Overcoming limits beliefs around managing our wealth—Listen to some advice that Calvin discusses around this mindset block that may come up for some, especially in the early stages of their wealth management journey.
  • And more!

To learn more about Calvin’s company, visit

We love having these important conversations, especially in communities of color. We can’t wait to see the day where these conversations are so common, and it’s because of people like Calvin who are providing these much needed resources to the Black & Brown community. Thank you Calvin for another amazing conversation on the YQD® podcast and for what you are doing for our communities!

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