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Episode 159: How to Pursue Your Purpose on Your Time | Sandra Velasquez | NOPALERA


Episode 159 is about how to pursue your purpose on your time, featuring Sandra Velasquez of Nopalera. Listen in now! 

Episode 159: How to Pursue Your Purpose on Your Time | Sandra Velasquez | NOPALERA

Sandra Velasquez is the founder of Nopalera, a Mexican Botanical Bath & Body line based in New York City that is currently sold in Nordstrom, Credo Beauty, Free People, and over 300 independent retailers nationwide. She launched the brand with no outside funding, while working three jobs, being a single mom at the age of 44, in the middle of the pandemic.

Prior to launching Nopalera, Sandra worked as a sales & distribution manager for several CPG brands across multiple categories. Sandra was the founder and bandleader of the Latin Alternative band Pistolera, which toured in 6 countries, opened for artists like Los Lobos and Lila Downs and had their music featured on hit TV shows like Breaking Bad.

In addition to running her company, she mentors emerging CPG brands and teaches online classes about brand building, and is the host of The Nopalera Podcast.

You can follow Sandra on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow her business Instagram here.

Episode 159 Highlights:

  • Life before entrepreneurship—Sandra started her business in the throws of COVID-19. Perfect timing to start a business, right?😂But that wasn’t always the plan. Listen to what life looked like for Sandra before starting her luxury bath & body business.
  • The light bulb moment—Check out how Sandra created her business after visiting her family’s home in San Diego & looking out into the backyard!
  • It’s never too late to start!—There’s so many limiting beliefs, especially for new business owners, who are afraid to get started because of thoughts like once we hit a certain age, we need to have our lives together. 🫥…Y’all…we’ve said this time & time again. The person stopping you from living the life you want to live is YOU! Let Sandra’s story inspire you to START THE DAMN BUSINESS!!!
  • Shifting the narrative around what it means to be wealthy AF—There were times where Sandra received pushback in her business for selling luxury items at high end prices. Check out how Sandra was able to navigate through the negative feedback & stand in her power. WE’RE GOING TO CHURCH IN THIS EPISODE, MI GENTE!
  • Putting yourself out there—Listen to advice Sandra gives in order to build you business and brand. Hint: let go of your EGO!
  • Tips and tricks on how she built her business—Listen to how Sandra was able to build her business from the ground up, while being unemployed. Y’all, this episode is so f*cking INSPIRING!
  • And much more!

We absolutely loved this episode with Sandra. It gave us all the goosebumps and motivation to keep taking up space and showing up for our communities. We hope this episode reminds you to dream big and also follow through with action. Everything starts with an idea in your mind. The Yo Quiero Dinero® podcast started as a thought. Sandra’s soap making business started with an idea. If you keep living day in & day out with an idea that’s sitting on your heart and won’t go away…LISTEN TO IT. And start putting in the work to turn that thought into your reality. Gracias Sandra for your gracing us with your Chingona vibes! We love to see it!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #StayPoderosa


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