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Episode 157: Investing for First-Gen Immigrants | Maribel Francisco | Our Wealth Matters


Episode 157 is all about investing for first-gen immigrants, featuring Maribel Francisco of Our Wealth Matters. Listen now!

Episode 157: Investing for First-Gen Immigrants | Maribel Francisco | Our Wealth Matters

Maribel is a first-gen daughter of Mexican indigenous immigrants. For over 10 years, she has worked with the immigrant community as a certified income tax preparer.

For the last 4 years, she has worked in LA’s entertainment industry, most recently, managing a multimillion-dollar international business unit. Maribel has worked with studios such as MGM and NBC Universal to build and preserve their wealth.

Now, as a bilingual money coach, Maribel is combining her knowledge in taxes, with her international business degree, her background in corporate finance, her research in personal finance, and tying it all together with her first-gen experience, to serve the immigrant community in the United States through her company named Our Wealth Matters.

You can follow Maribel on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Episode 157 Highlights:

  • What she learned about dinero growing up?—As a first-generation Latina growing up, Maribel experienced a pretty traumatic upbringing from a family member being deported to practically homeless. Listen to Maribel’s story and how that mindset translated into adulthood.
  •  The career path she chose and what her journey looked like to get there—From living in a car to managing multi-million dollar companies in the entertainment industry, Maribel’s journey has been nothing short of a wild ride. Listen to her story as she realizes how she far she’s really gone in life. Such an inspiration!
  • Her mother’s story of being undocumented & having a legitimate business—The story Maribel shared about how her mother was able to create a business as an undocumented immigrant is so effing POWERFUL! Let this be the motivation you need to hear that ANYONE can create the life they want to live. You just gotta do it. Shout out to Mama!💪
  • How she got started in her coaching business—Maribel shares her origin story on how Our Wealth Matters came to life. She found an area that was lacking and decided to create her own seat at the table to help her comunidad. WE STAN THIS PODEROSA! Take notes, y’all!📝
  • Limiting beliefs in the undocumented community around investing—Something we find a lot in the Latinx community is this scarcity mindset. The idea that “Who are we to be investors? There isn’t enough money to start.” Listen to the limiting beliefs Maribel has come across working with her clients and how to change the narrative from surviving to thriving.
  • Advice for those who are hesitant to invest, especially in the undocumented community—JUST. START. Plain and simple. It’s important to get educated and utilize the resources out there for us. Remember that doing nothing leads to a lot more NOTHING!
  • How to handle your dinero if you or a loved one gets deported—Maribel breaks down some much needed information around what to do if this situation arises. There are steps that we can follow, but the first step is to have plan in place then to be caught like a deer in headlights!
  • And so much more!

The conversation we had with Maribel in this episode was inspiring AF. We want to send Maribel a huge thank you for all that she is doing for the Latinx community. She is speaking to a portion of our community that has been neglected for so long by the personal finance industry.

Voices like Maribel’s matter SO much. Mil gracias to her for giving us permission to think about building wealth & being the spark to change the narrative for our familia and generations to come!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Personal Capital

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #StayPoderosa


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