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Episode 153. How To Redefine Your Relationship With Work | Julien and Kiersten Saunders | rich & REGULAR


Episode 153 of the Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast features repeat guests Julien & Kiersten Saunders, the powerhouse couple behind the award-winning blog, rich & REGULAR and forthcoming book, Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away. We discuss how to redefine your relationship with work. Listen now!

Episode 153. How To Redefine Your Relationship With Work | Julien and Kiersten Saunders | rich & REGULAR

Julien and Kiersten are the couple behind the award-winning blog, rich & REGULAR & forthcoming book, Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away. Their mission is to inspire the African American community to consider and adopt the FIRE lifestyle as a path to building generational wealth. The couple has used frugal living, real estate investing and their online business to set themselves on a path to achieve financial independence.

Their story has been featured in publications like Forbes, the NY Times and CBS This Morning. When they’re not sharing stories about their experiences with money, they are parents to their son Beau, traveling the world or searching for their next great meal.

You can follow Julien & Kiersten on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Episode 153 Highlights:

  • Learning about the FIRE movement and their motivation behind their why
  • Changing the narrative around wealth building, especially in marginalized communities
  • The connection between entrepreneurship and their FIRE journey
  • Breaking down their new book, Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away
  • And much more!

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