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Episode 144. Investing for Financial Independence | Dr. Dewan Farhana, Doctor Finances


Episode 144 is all about investing for financial independence, featuring Dr. Dewan Farhana!Episode 144. Investing for Financial Independence | Dr. Dewan Farhana, Doctor Finances

Dr. Dewan Farhana, DO is a tech entrepreneur, thought leader on health care technology, and advocate of financial literacy. She studied cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University, conducted basic sciences research at Yale Medical School and earned her medical degree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.

She founded Betternest, a software tech startup that connects users to digital and physical organization services to create functional spaces that improve quality of life. As the CEO of Betternest, she raised venture funding from angel investors and Rutgers Business School. Dewan was selected as a NPR “How I Built This” Fellow, received many leadership accolades and was featured in news media including Martha Stewart, Romper and White Coat Investor. She also founded and sits on the board of the Human Dignity Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on the upward mobility of impoverished individuals worldwide.

Dewan is a strong advocate of financial literacy and broad-based investing strategies to achieve financial freedom.

Episode 144 Highlights:

  • Money lessons she learned as a child
  • How she came across the FIRE movement
  • Her journey to financial independence
  • Different ways to create passive income
  • What you need to know about investing low index funds
  • What accounts you can use to buy
  • Shifting your mindset around investing
  • And much more!

Investing doesn’t have to be scary, mi gente. Listen to this episode as Dr. Farhana breaks it down in a way that you can understand. There’s so much money to be made out here y’all. Let’s get to work!💸

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