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Episode 139. How to Achieve FIRE with Real Estate | Tom Brickman, The Frugal Gay


Episode 139 is all about how to achieve FIRE with real estate, featuring Tom Brickman of The Frugal Gay!

Episode 139. How to Achieve FIRE with Real Estate | Tom Brickman, The Frugal Gay

Tom Brickman is a married dog-dad from Dallas TX, and the owner and creator of The Frugal Gay, where he teaches you how to achieve financial independence through reselling and real estate investing. Tom has purchased 18 doors in 2 states, collects a mortgage on 1 additional, and has retired from his 9-5 before the age of 40! 

He is a real estate investor, side hustle enthusiast & serial entrepreneur. Tom is also the co-host Wealth-Wednesday Twitter Spaces sessions, held every Wednesday and started The Frugal Gay to connect with other like-minded individuals as a transition away from his 9-5.

You can follow Tom on Instagram & Twitter.

Episode 139 Highlights:

  • How he got into the world of house hacking/real estate investing
  • His money journey prior to real estate investing
  • How he was able to buy his first investment property at 21 years old!
  • The definition of what house-hacking is
  • How his real-estate investing journey has changed over time
  • Where you should be looking to find the best real-estate investing deals
  • How to decide if a property is worth buying
  • Getting rid of your limiting beliefs
  • Understanding the long-term perspective that comes with all types of investing
  • How to go about financing real estate investments
  • Horror stories he has experienced while real-estate investing
  • How he got started with his resale business
  • How life has changed since he permanently walked away from his 9-5
  • And much more!

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