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Episode 134: How To Market Yourself | Emmelie De La Cruz, One Day CMO


Episode 134 is all about how to market yourself featuring Emmelie De La Cruz of One Day CMO!

Episode 134: How To Market Yourself | Emmelie De La Cruz, One Day CMO

Emmelie De La Cruz is an entrepreneur, author and trainer with one goal: rescue overworked founders from being held hostage by their marketing. After a decade in Corporate America working for top tech and consumer brands, she developed her One Day CMO Intensive to train CEOs and their teams on building intentional marketing strategies and workflows. 

Her unapologetic approach to life and business have earned her a highly engaged following on social media, features across top publications like Forbes, and the opportunity to work with brands like Staples, Dropbox, Capital One, Black Enterprise, and Coca-Cola. 

She’s also the host of the Sanity and Success Podcast, the business and personal development podcast that will teach you how to preserve your peace while chasing your definition of success.

You can connect with her across social media: @emmeliedelacruz

Episode 134 Highlights:

  • Instilling that “hustle culture” from childhood—One thing about Latinx households…we’re gonna hustle! We may not have grown up with the Elon Musks and Jeff Bezos in our household, but trust and believe, we grew up with entrepreneurs! From selling pastelitos in the corner store bodega to mixing up batches of Coquito during the holidays, side hustling is engraved in us! And many times that hustle culture was done out of necessity, not luxury. One thing is certain and two things are for sure: WE GET SH*T DONE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!
  • The transition from Corporate America to full-time entrepreneurship—Listen to how Emmelie was able to utilize the skills she learned in her 9-5 career to create her own successful business. Take notes, mi gente!
  • You have permission to change your mind—It is okay to not show up “perfectly” the first time you have a business idea. Change your mindset from feeling like you’re a failure because what you put out the first time didn’t work out the way you thought it would. IT’S OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES, Y’ALL!!!
  • Being financially prepared to take that leap—Start planning NOW if you want to jump into full-time entrepreneurship. Pretend to be an entrepreneur before you actually do it. Use your day job as a way to fund your business goals. And build that emergency fund! Emmelie drops so many gems you can follow along to to set yourself up for success.
  • What we get wrong about marketing—One word: mindset. Tune in to how Emmelie breaks this down in a way that makes so much sense. We can all learn from the gems 💎 she drops!
  • You don’t need to show up constantly to be successful—Y’all really need to understand how the algorithm works. And also understand that you need to PRODUCE QUALITY CONTENT! Listen to how Emmelie keeps it all the way 100 about this!
  • If you don’t feel good in your business, you’re not going to continue to show up for it—You don’t need to follow the herd of what everyone else is doing. That’s how you lose your essence and what makes YOU unique. Yesssss, Emmelie. #BARS!
  • Lean into what makes you different—When it comes to marketing, you need to show up authentically. You don’t need to code switch. You don’t need to show up like the bro-culture we’re so used to seeing all the time. You need to resonate with the target audience you’re in search of. Tune in to the key points Emmelie talks about during this episode.
  • Limiting beliefs around showing up—Listen to what steps Emmelie recommends for you to block out the noise within others and in yourselves. Sometimes we are own worst enemies. THERAPY IS SO IMPORTANT, Y’ALL!!
  • And much more!

The conversation we had with Emmelie gave us SO👏MUCH👏LIFE👏! We love the energy she brings, the gems she drops and the education behind her authenticity. Guests like Emmelie are such a breath of fresh air. You’re welcomed back ANY time you’d like, hermana! Gracias!!!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired & #staypoderosa ✨💎


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