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Episode 132: How to Maintain Your Financial Independence in a Relationship | Dasha Kennedy, The Broke Black Girl


Episode 132 is all about how to maintain your financial independence in a relationship featuring Dasha Kennedy of The Broke Black Girl!

Episode 132: How to Maintain Your Financial Independence in a Relationship | Dasha Kennedy, The Broke Black Girl

Dasha Kennedy is the creator of the award-winning financial advocacy group: The Broke Black Girl. 

She is a millennial financial coach whose no-B.S., real-talk coaching and strategies are helping women of color get ahead. By no means is she ashamed of her past financial struggle — in fact, she’s completely embraced it!

After a tough life event made her realize how financially unprepared she was, Dasha began sharing her own journey towards financial success on Facebook. The Broke Black Girl (BBG) Facebook group launched in November 2017, which focuses on the financial struggles facing young women of color, who have often been overlooked in the traditional conversations around personal finance. Within a year, the group has skyrocketed to over 70,000 women.

As a digital community leader and financial activist, she provides culturally competent and relevant financial literacy resources to over 70,000 of African-American women to combat the racial and gender wealth gap.

She has more than a decade of experience working as an accountant and default counselor, and is leading women through discussions around different aspects of financial wellbeing.

Where Dasha found gaps in the system, she has created a platform to fill them. Providing a safe space that allows her to act as an administrator and financial coach, Dasha is here to support women to take charge of their own finances.

You can follow Dasha on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Episode 132 Highlights:

  • Owning your truth—Dasha received some negative push back when she created her platform, The Broke Black Girl, back in 2017. But she didn’t allow the noise to quiet her voice and raise awareness about the lack of financial education in her community. Listen to her story that we know will motivate the hell out of you to own your voice! We love a bad-ass woman like Dasha!
  • Her career path prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur—Many guests that come on YQD™ share their stories of how they came into the world of personal finance. 9 times out of 10, what they’re doing now is not what they started with. Tune in as Dasha shares her own story on becoming The Broke Black Girl.
  • The impact of divorce on women—Dasha shares her own personal story with this scenario. From growing up in a home where her parents split and how that impacted her mother’s money story, to marrying at a young age and filing for divorce not too far after, listen to how NOT having conversations about money impacted her in a very profound way.
  • Being comfortable with asking the uncomfortable questions about money when you’re in a relationship—Listen up y’all. Dasha breaks this down in a way that we ALL can learn from. Yes, talking about money with your partner can be uncomfortable. Yes, it may be a trigger for some. But it is SO damn necessary to know what you’re signing up for when you’re in a relationship with some. ASK THE DEEP QUESTION!!!
  • Adjusting your finances post divorce—Going from a 2 person income to a 1 person income can be very detrimental to people’s finances that can cause financial ruin in many cases. Listen to how Dasha was able to bounce back from her own life experiences and how you can implement the tools she used into your own life. So inspiring!
  • Understanding #FactsOverFeelings—Dasha drops some stats on those who feel like you shouldn’t have your financial independence while you’re married or in a relationship. Listen up y’all! She is speaking nothing but FACTS.
  • Why EVERYONE NEEDS A PRENUP We understand that the conversation around pre-nups is still very much stigmatized, but we need to reframe how marriage works. Times have changes drastically from our parents generations and so on. As Dasha said, focus on FACTS, not feelings.
  • Postnups and much more!

The conversation with Dasha was everything we needed to hear. We love having these type of real ass conversations that help educate our communities. Dasha, thank you for all that you do for your community and for being a part of this platform. You’re always welcomed back at the YQD™ podcast!❤️‍🔥

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