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Episode 128. How To Be Boujie On A Budget | Mykail James, The Boujie Budgeter


Episode 128 is all about how to be boujie on a budget with Mykail James of @BoujieBudgeter

Episode 128. How To Be Boujie On A Budget | Mykail James, The Boujie Budgeter

Mykail James aka “The Boujie Budgeter” is the founder of, an online platform dedicated to teaching Gen Z professionals how to finance their best lives.

Upon graduating with her MBA focused in accounting, Mykail became a Certified Financial Literacy instructor. She has a fresh new take on managing money and finances. Her teachings use pop-culture references and relatable language to help her audience understand confusing money concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing. 

The goal is to make positive money moves while still controlling your finances because you can only live your best life when it is properly financed!

You can follow Mykail on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Episode 128 Highlights:

  • Her relationship with money growing up—Listen to Mykail’s story about how she was exposed to budgeting and selflessness at an early age that transferred over into her adult life. We loved the story she told us!
  • Learning from past mistakes—Mykail shares with us the time she was given a $5,000 bonus from her corporate job at 22 years old and how quickly she blew through that money, without thinking the repercussions later on. Listen to how she learned from that mistake and started implementing smarter money choices in her that you can add to your own.
  • Your money mindset determines everything that you do with it—We love the term Mykail used during our interview…”poverty mindset”. It’s something we see so much in our communities and across this platform. Listen to how that mindset affected Mykail in her earlier adult life and what she did to break that cycle.
  • THE MATH AIN’T MATHIN’!!!—Listen y’all…we know budgeting isn’t the sexiest topic to talk about…trust us, we get it. But if you TRULY want to get to the root of your money woes and start getting ahead of your spending habits, you gotta do the math. You have to sit down and look at your bank statements to see where your money is going. Mykail shares some advice on how she was able to overcome this obstacle in her own life and what you can do to start the process of budgeting in a healthy (and sexy) way!
  • How to be boujie on a budget!?—Mykail shares some tips and tricks on how to spend your money in a way that won’t break the bank.
  • Demystifying the thought that we can’t spend any money on “frivolous” sh*t!—Move, over Dave Ramsey…Mykail spills all the tea on not living in the world of strict diet culture. Take notes, y’all!
  • The origin story of her business, @BoujieBudgeter—We loved the honesty Mykail shared with us when she created her online space and how she continues to show up authentically. This is the type of energy we love to have on this platform!!!! YES, QUEEN!!!
  • And so much more!

We loved the conversation we had with Mykail. She keeps it 💯 on the socials when she’s talking about money and will call out the BS. She is all about empowering us to live our best freaking lives and using money to make that happen. Another POWERHOUSE in the personal finance community! Thank you, Mykail!

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