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Episode 125. How To Negotiate Your Salary | Evie Prete, La Mala Mujer Blog


If getting a salary increase is on your 2022 vision board, you definitely don’t want to miss out on Episode 125, featuring Evie Prete from La Mala Mujer Blog!

Episode 125. How To Negotiate Your Salary | Evie Prete, La Mala Mujer Blog

Evie is a first-gen Latina, engineer, speaker, entrepreneur and business owner helping people tap into their inner dopeness. She’s very passionate in working with people who desire to break generational curses. She teaches women, BIPOC and LGBTQ individuals how to advocate for themselves in salary negotiations. She is the salary negotiation queen. 

As a new graduate out of college, Evie took her first job without negotiating because she didn’t know any better. Within her first year, she discovered that she was drastically underpaid and started her journey with salary negotiations.

In the last 5 years, she’s more than doubled her salary and has helped her clients negotiate 5-figure increases in base salary along with other additional perks. Evie believes that when women make bank, they make the world a better place. She’s on a mission to close the pay gap one client at a time. 

Evie is a former rocket engineer who worked on building sub-orbital launch vehicles. In 2021, she made the unplanned decision to leave her comfortable 6-figure career to re-evaluate her career path. In doing so, she launched a successful Latina fight-wear e-commerce business and a salary negotiation group coaching program.

You can follow Evie on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. Check out her group coaching program here.

Episode 125 Highlights:

  • The struggles we have experienced throughout our “9-5” careers—There were many times when Jannese felt like she couldn’t be her true, authentic self while workin in her STEM career. As we all know, this field of work is predominantly filled with white men who cannot relate to a fiery Latina! Evie shares the similar feelings and experiences she encountered while working as rocket engineer. Listen to her story now.
  • What inspired Evie to become an engineer to begin with?—Following in her Papi’s footsteps, Jannese became an engineer, as she was always a naturally curious kid who was good at Math & Science. And many times in the Latinx and BIPOC community (especially as a first-gen child), we are engrained with the narrative of either become a doctor, lawyer or engineer from our parents. Check out Evie’s story of why she followed a career in STEM and where that journey took her.
  • You can be good at something and not be excited about it…and that’s okay—We love the perspective Evie put this narrative when it came to her self-realization that a career in STEM was no longer something she found fulfilling. Let us know if you’ve ever felt this way, too? Ask yourself this: what impact are you making? 
  • Fighting through those “play small, don’t speak up” thoughts—Y’all…us as Latina women have been told by many generations before us to play it safe, don’t do the scary sh*t and not do what we were meant to do. THIS IS SUCH A TOXIC MENTALITY TO HAVE!!! It is time for US to TAKE UP SPACE! To be UNAPOLOGETICALLY US!! To DO THE SCARY SH*T!!! This episode will give you the motivation you need to take risks!
  • Why do we need to negotiate our salary?—Only 60% of women negotiate their salary. And specifically for Latinas: we are missing out on $1.1 MILLION throughout our careers…because we AREN’T negotiating our salary…Y’all…we HAVE to start closing this pay gap!
  • WE👏ARE👏GETTING👏UNDERPAID👏—THE PAY GAP IS REAL!!! There is so much data to support this narrative. And especially LATNAN women are getting severely underpaid. Women hold lower wages because we have been systematically undervalued for GENERATIONS. This is facts, not fiction. Listen to how Evie explains this in a way that is so heartbreaking to hear but so incredibly important to talk about and bring awareness to. WE CAME WITH THE RECEIPTS , Y’ALL!
  • What questions should you be asking when it comes to negotiating your salary—Take out your pen and paper, y’all! Evie drops some GEMS you need to ask the next time you visit HR for that meeting to bump up your salary. (Hint: it all starts with your MINDSET!)
  • And much more!

We love how transparent Evie was during this episode. She didn’t hold anything back and put things into perspective for us to quiet our limiting beliefs and start CHARGING OUR WORTH!!! Thank you, queen, for allowing us to hold a safe space for you to share your story❤️

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa


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