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Episode 124. WTF Is An NFT? | Lisa Mayer, Boss Beauties


Episode 124 is your guide to understanding the basics of all things NFT,  featuring Lisa Mayer, creator of Boss Beauties!

Episode 124. WTF Is An NFT? | Lisa Mayer, Boss Beauties

Lisa Mayer is an entrepreneur, speaker, and philanthropist with a heart for making a difference. She is the CEO of My Social Canvas (MSC) and Co-Founder of Boss Beauties.

Lisa is a ‘Big Sister and Mentor’ to the thousands of Gen Z women in the MSC community worldwide.

In September 2021, Lisa launched Boss Beauties with her husband Anthony. Boss Beauties reminds women that they can be everything they want to be! In only a short amount of time, Boss Beauties has been featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square and is the first NFT to be displayed at the New York Stock Exchange. This historic NFT funded a scholarship to be awarded to women and girls in honor of Louise Jones, the youngest woman to ever have a seat on the NYSE.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram and Twitter.

Episode 124 Highlights:

  • Breaking down some basic vocabulary in the NFT, metaverse world— LOL, we can’t talk about something we don’t even know about! You’ll walk away knowing what things like “gas fees,” “minting,” and “rug-pulling” mean.
  • The story behind one of the most popular NFT projects right now— We love that our NFT intro is with the creator behind a project that wants to instill a desire of dreaming and possibility into GEN-Z women. Each piece in this collection showcases women doing bad-ass sh*t we want to see more of.
  • Some real-talk on what entrepreneurship can look and feel like Lisa uses the metaphor of jumping out a plane and figuring out how to land. It’s truly about figuring all your stuff out as you go and learning with each new thing you try.
  • WTF the point is of an NFT— If you’re at all vaguely familiar with NFTs, you’ve probably wondered WTF the point even is. Like I could take a screenshot of the NFT okayyy 🙄 but y’all, we gotta get our mind and way of thinking into this new, digital-led era. This is about being the owner of an authentic piece. Think: owning a home, owning a piece of stock, owning a physical art piece. The difference in screenshotting an NFT and owning an actual NFT is your ability to later re-sell at a higher value. This is where the investment piece comes in.
  • How to get started with NFTs, as a creator and investor— You’ll be surprised to know that Lisa’s #1 tip isn’t even about the logistical parts! Listen to find out how this #1 tip is actually way simpler than you could imagine.
  • How to identify red flags— With how quickly the NFT space moves, it’s going to be hard to slow down and do a bit of research. But this is how  you can protect yourself and ensure you’re not scammed out of money or are setting reasonable expectations for yourself and your investment.
  • And much more!

We are so excited that our intro for you all into NFTs is with the creator of an NFT project we truly love.

Lisa has created this project with such great intention and vision, and this is what we want to see more of in the space! This is what we can get behind.

NFT Resources:

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