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Episode 120. How To Be An Environmentally Conscious Investor | Gabriela Herculano, iClima Earth, Ltd.


It’s our last episode of Season 3, y’all! Episode 120 is all about how to be an environmentally conscious investor with Gabriela Herculano of iClima Earth, Ltd.

Episode 120. How To Be An Environmentally Conscious Investor | Gabriela Herculano, iClima Earth, Ltd.

For the last episode of season 3, we sat down with Gabriela Herculano of iClima Earth and talked about environmentally investing! If you want to be a conscious investor and understand what that actually means, this episode is for you!

Gaby has over 25 years’ experience in finance and in energy. She started her career in equity research, covering the Latin American electric utility sector at Lehman Brothers. After business school she moved into the buy side, where she worked at greenfield project finance and M&A at energy developer AES Corporation and as an Executive Director at GE Capital’s Energy Financial Services team in London.

When structuring private equity infrastructure investments, her primary focus was on renewable energy assets across Europe, having invested into solar and onshore wind, and screened several opportunities also in offshore wind.

Gaby combines solid fundamental analysis skills with energy industry knowledge. Moreover, she has been involved with sustainable development since 1992 when she attended the UNFCCC Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Gaby earned her MBA from Wharton in 2002.

You can follow Gaby on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Episode 120 Highlights:

  • How a Latina ends up at Wharton Business School
  • The mission behind iClima
  • What does the ESG investing space actually mean?
  • What stocks qualifies as an ESG?
  • How to make sure we are not inadvertently harming one group of people while helping another as an investor
  • What it means to be a green fund
  • How to track the efficacy of investments
  • And much more!

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