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Episode 119. When Your Job and Your Side Hustle Collide | Lea Landaverde, Riqueza Wealth


Episode 119 is all about when your job and your side hustle collide featuring Lea Landaverde of Riqueza Wealth.

Episode 119. When Your Job and Your Side Hustle Collide | Lea Landaverde, Riqueza Wealth

Lea Landaverde is a queer, first gen. Latina, entrepreneur, master of finance and wealth coach. She is on a mission to bridge the wealth gap between the BIPOC & LGBTQ+ community and wealth. As a daughter of an immigrant, Lea saw the financial failures and sacrifices her family had to go through to live the “American Dream” and because of that, she pushed herself into the financial industry at an age of 15.

By 19, Lea had her Bachelors in Finance and began working at Goldman Sachs where she learned the ways of how large corporations and millionaires made money. Deep down, Lea knew who she truly wanted to serve and after 4 years, she chose to pick her passions over her paycheck to help her community become wealthy.

Lea now owns Riqueza Wealth Coaching and is changing the way Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ see money by teaching them how to align, build and grow their RIQUEZA!

You can follow Lea on Instagram, FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to check out and follow her podcast, Mi Riqueza. Book a one-on-one coaching session with Lea here.

Episode 119 Highlights:

  • The concept of money growing up—Conversations around money never existed in our household growing up, especially as being a first-gen Latina. We were always told by our families that you need to work hard for your money. Lea grew up in a home where you had to hustle to live that “American dream”. Find out how this affected Lea into adulthood and the choices she made from that.
  • The moment she realized that the financial system was never made for us—Whew! Can we just let that marinate for a minute!? Lea dropped SO many truth bombs during this episode. Let’s face it…successful people with money typically DON’T LOOK LIKE US! The “bro culture” in the workplace has wreaked havoc for generations. We are saying NO MORE to us mujeres being seen as an aberration!
  • Dealing with politics in the work place—There are so many times in life when we (Latinx and BIPOC) feel like we’ve made it after landing a job at a prestigious organization. The title of being an employee at XYZ company. The glitz and the glamour entice you. But eventually, you see the politics and how “yes men” can play a huge role in advancing throughout said company. Find out how this affected Lea at a world renowned corporation and how that took a toll on her mental health.
  • Picking your passion over your paycheck—Lea realized her value and self-worth and knew she needed to make a change. Listen to the inspiring story that she shares with us and how that fire she had inside of her allowed her to follow her dreams.
  • When your side hustle becomes a conflict of interest for your job—Lea breaks down the story behind what happened when she let it be known about the side hustle she created while working for Goldman Sachs. Lawd, this one is WILD!
  • And so much more!

This episode with Lea truly eye opening and mind blowing. Our community shares so many similar stories like Lea’s. We truly do believe that everything happens for a reason. Lea, we thank you so much for your honesty and your realness. You are the absolute definition of a bad-ass PODEROSA!!! Thank you for breaking down the barriers and speaking up against those barriers that try to hold us back! Gracias, hermana!💎

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa


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