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Episode 118. How To Create a Massive Social Media Following | Paula Tenorio, Woman CEO Mindset


Episode 118 is all about how to create a massive social media following featuring Paula Tenorio of Woman CEO Mindset.

Episode 118. How To Create a Massive Social Media Following | Paula Tenorio, Woman CEO Mindset

Paula Tenorio is the founder of Woman CEO Mindset and Woman CEO Academy.

She is dedicated to empowering women around the world to be unapologetically ambitious and become financially independent.

As a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and a social media marketing strategist, Paula is an expert on Instagram growth, monetization and strategy.

She grew the Woman CEO Mindset community, a community of women entrepreneurs and business owners from 0 to over 800k in only 2 years, and turned it into a successful online business.

Paula is now helping female entrepreneurs increase their Impact, Influence, and Income with the power of social media and step-by-step action plans on how to master Instagram for their business.

You can follow Paula on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Episode 118 Highlights:

  • How to organically build a social media following—FIND. YOUR. NICHE! We cannot stress how important this portion of building an online business is. You need to figure out who and where you want to build your audience. If you try to do all the things in all the categories, you’re going to get lost in the mix. Listen to how Paula breaks this down in a way that can work for you!
  • How she became an entrepreneur—Social media (Instagram) has helped Paula build an additional business that allowed her to have more time freedom. Find out how she was able to create a lane for her own. If she did it, so can you!
  • The power of the community without having anything to sell—Creating content for people who carry the same values as you is so important in order to successfully and organically grow a social media following. Check out how Paula did this without ever selling a physical product! Mind. Blown.
  • How to “hack” the algorithm—Paula breaks down all the essentials keys to organic growth on Instagram. Take out your pen and paper for this one. She is dropping some major gems!!!
  • Running a 6 figure business without being the “face” of that business—So many new entrepreneurs don’t like putting themselves out there on social media for the world to judge and criticize. Many of us are introverts, as is Paula. Listen to how she was able to create a successful online following without having to physically show up/show her face. Stop making excuses and start putting in the work!!!
  • How to credit other creators for reposting their content—Paula lets us know the correct way to re-share and repurpose content in a way that won’t create enemies in the online world
  • The power of affiliate marketing—If you want to build online passive income, you need to learn about affiliate marketing. Paula breaks down how this allowed her to create a multi 6-figure business. THERE IS SO MUCH MONEY TO MAKE ONLINE, PEOPLE!
  • How to balance “managing it all”—We get it. You have so much sh*t to do in life besides focusing on building a business. Whether you’re a parent, a wife, the breadwinner of your home, etc…there are so many hats we need to wear. Find out how Paula is able to balance out doing all the things while still consistently showing up for her businesses. The work ethic this woman has is inspiring AF!
  • Lessons learned in entrepreneurshipListen to the advice Paula gives to overcome the obstacles we may face when it comes to building an online business and battling thoughts and feelings around imposter syndrome.
  • The biggest mistakes we make when it comes to using hashtags & captions—Paula is a social media expert and this is something she is WELL versed in. Listen up!
  • And so much more!

Episode 118 was full of so many gems, y’all! If you’re ready to become the CEO on your own life, this episode is a MUST listen. We want to thank Paula so much for coming onto our platform and sharing so many amazing tips for our audience. Gracias, amiga!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa


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