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Episode 116: How To Invest For Financial Independence | Nora Davila, Inversionista Gal


Episode 116 is all about how to invest for financial independence featuring Nora Davila, PhD, from Inversionista Gal.

Episode 116: How To Invest For Financial Independence | Nora Davila, Inversionista Gal

Nora Dávila is a podcaster, educator, scientist, engineer, PhD and investor. She helps Latinas in their journey to reach financial independence teaching them about investing in RE and the stock market from her academy, Inversionista Gal Academy, which also has a 100% educational podcast en Español, where you will find inspiration in your path to achieving financial independence. 

Nora Dávila es una podcaster, educadora, científica, ingeniera, PhD e inversionista. Ella ayuda a Latinas a lograr su independencia financiera a través de inversiones en la bolsa de valores y bienes raíces desde su academia, Inversionista Gal Academy, que también cuenta con un podcast 100% educativo. En su comunidad encontrarás apoyo e inspiración en tu camino a lograr tu independencia financiera.

You can follow Nora on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and listen to her podcast here.

Episode 116 Highlights:

  • What she learned about dinero growing up?—As a fellow Boricua🇵🇷growing up on the island, Nora learned about the importance around saving money as a kid. Many of us in the Latinx community can relate to this mindset being instilled in us early on. Check out Nora’s story and how that mindset translated into adulthood.
  •  The career path she chose and what her journey looked like to get there—Nora is a fellow engineer just like our very own creator and host of Yo Quiero Dinero™, Jannese. We love a bad-ass Boricua with a background in science! Listen to Nora’s story on what made her want to pursue engineering as a career. Hint: She has a PhD! Can we say #Poderosa!?
  • How Nora went from learning about retirement accounts to learning about financial independence—It may seem like a straight line journey when it comes to learning about money, but she is here to tell y’all that is not the case whatsoever! Listen to how Nora navigated the world of financial independence and how you can start educating yourself for your own FI (financial independence) goals.
  • How she started investing and the pivots she made as she became more knowledgeable—Noras shares some tips on how she started her money journey to achieve FIRE (financial independence, retire early), what she learned and the mistakes she made along the way.
  • Her ideal FIRE journey (Hint: it doesn’t involve retiring)—Listen to Nora break down the different aspects of her portfolio, what accounts she’s using, and lets us know what her ultimate FIRE goal is.
  • Encouraging mujeres Latinas de la comunidad a buscar FIRE—Something we find a lot in our community is the scarcity mindset and imposter syndrome. The idea that “Who are we to be investors? Who are we to be pursuing FIRE?” Listen to Nora’s thoughts around this and how to shift your money mindset from scarcity to abundance.
  • Advice for someone who is ready to start investing or pursue financial independence—Define. Your. Why. Plain and simple. Your reasoning behind reaching FI is not the same as anyone else’s…and that’s perfectly okay!
  • Why she wanted to teach investing in Spanish—Lack of a saturated market. Nora couldn’t find many things in regards to money and finances that caters to our community. This is the same story as to why Jannese created the Yo Quiero Diner™ podcast. What did Nora do? Created something that didn’t exist…THAT is the key to building a successful business. Helping people in the community you’re looking to serve. Latinas and women can be bosses, too!💎
  • And much more!

The conversation we had with Nora in episode 116 was such an inspiring one to have. Nora is proof that your life can start changing today…the only thing you have to do is start implementing the changes to make that happen. Nothing changes if you don’t, hermana. Cheers🥂 to doing something different in order to live a life that’s extraordinary and fulfilling! We want to send Nora a huge thank you for all that she is doing for the Latinx community! We need more #PoderosaMujeres like her! Gracias amiga!

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Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired and #staypoderosa


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