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Episode 115. How To Start A Drop-shipping Business | Asia Abston, Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying Podcast


Episode 115 is all about how to start a drop shipping business, featuring Asia Abston of the Get Rich or Get Drunk Trying podcast and The Luxe Life Academy!

Episode 115. How To Start A Drop-shipping Business | Asia Abston, Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying Podcast

Asia Abston is the host of the Get Rich or Get Drunk Trying podcast, a top 100 download for millennial business owners, and C.E.O. of The Luxe Life Academy which is home to continuing education classes aimed at today’s digital entrepreneurs. After 7 years in the business, Asia is now teaching her proven strategies to grow a brand the lean way with 1600+ students through her drop-shipping courses!

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Episode 115 Highlights:

  • Money myths and beliefs as a child—Growing up in a home with a single mother, Asia saw firsthand what it was to see her mother bust her ass and work hard to take care of her family. Many of us in communities of color know what it is to struggle and see our parents live a life of paycheck to paycheck. And the message they drill into us as young adults on the importance of a stable and secure job. Listen to Asia’s story on how that affected her mindset into adulthood.
  • What her career path was prior to becoming her own boss—Find out what built that hustler mentality. Spoiler alert: Asia has always had that BO$$ spirit in her soul!
  • The light bulb moment that caused her to change her life—Y’all…if 2020 taught us one thing, it’s the fact that life has a way of teaching us lessons we need to learn, even THROUGH the struggle. COVID hit all of us hard, but especially the hospitality business. Listen to how having the security of a job to absolutely nothing showed Asia (and all of us) how quickly someone’s lifestyle could be taken away from them!
  • How she scaled her side hustle to be able to support her…and then some—OUT👏SOURC👏ING 👏👏👏Many newbie entrepreneurs feel like they need to do ALL THE THINGS, all the time. Being brought up in many black and brown communities, we’re conditioned to be “strong & independent.” Now, while that’s great to have as a personality trait, it doesn’t work so well for running a successful business. IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP, Y’ALL! You don’t have to this sh*t yourself!
  • WTF is drop-shipping!?—Asia shares all the tea☕️🫖on what to sell and what not to sell when starting a drop-shipping business. Y’all are going to want to take notes on this one! We learned from our own mistakes when we tried drop-shipping one specific type of item and no one bought it! Listen to find out what that item was!
  • What are people doing WRONG when it comes to marketing their business—As a marketing expert, Asia lets us know the real deal. Buyer psychology is everything!!! Creating marketing content that is going to resonate with people and make them want to buy what you’re trying to sell is the key to a successful business. Check out all the gems💎Asia drops about this topic.
  • Social media and how to quickly grow your following (organically):—Strategy. Strategy. STRATEGY!!! Asia built up her following based on “edu-tainment.” Listen to this episode to find out what that means and how you can implement that to your own business. We’ll give you one hint…be consistent!
  • How to attract your target audience to secure the bag—Asia shares some tips on how to find the right people on the internets and what you need to do in order to secure a new, potential customer. Another hint we’ll share with y’all…BE CONSISTENT!
  • & so much more!

We absolutely LOVED Asia’s conversation. She really gives people permission to want so much more than the basic sh*t that we are sold to believe in. Our only option in life is not to get a safe job, work for 40-something years, wait until you’re 65 to start enjoying your life and sign up for the paycheck to paycheck cycle…NO, MA’AM!!! 0 OUT OF 10. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!

Asia is challenging the status quo and giving people the tools that they can use to achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth. We loved her energy and she was an absolute pleasure to be on the show! Gracias, amiga!❤️

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