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Episode 112. How To Quit Your Way To Wealth | Mandi Woodruff-Santos, Career Expert and Co-Host of Brown Ambition Podcast


Episode 112 is all about how to quit your way to wealth, featuring Mandi Woodruff-Santos of @brownambitionpodcast!

Episode 112. How To Quit Your Way To Wealth | Mandi Woodruff-Santos, Career Expert and Co-Host of Brown Ambition Podcast

Mandi Woodruff-Santos [@mandimoney] is an award-winning financial journalist, educator, editorial leader, content strategist, inclusive wealth-building advocate & co-host of the @brownambitionpodcast [We LOVE a woman who wears many hats! #Boss]

She manages her own media brand which offers content consulting services, as well as writing & editing. Mandi recently published her free online guide called ‘The Just Quit! Toolkit’ which has helped teach more than 1,000 people how to quit their way rich.

Her personal finance & career advice has been featured in CNBC, CNN, BusinessInsider, Essence, Teen Vogue & U.S. News & World Report.

Follow Mandi on IG @mandimoney & TikTok @maaandimoney

Episode 112 Highlights:

  • The concept of quitting your way to wealth
  • Negotiating your worth in the work place
  • Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship
  • How to drastically increase your income by job hopping
  • Putting yourself out there to level up
  • & so much more!

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to find out how to leverage their career & income to stack up their dinero, build massive wealth and maybe even dive worry-free into al life of entrepreneurship! If you want to #QuitYourWayRich like Mandi did, stick around to listen to all the gems!💎

 Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired & #staypoderosa

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