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Episode 110. Why Confidence Feels Like Sh*t | Erika Cramer, The Queen Of Confidence


Episode 110 is a GAME CHANGER! We had an incredibly open & honest conversation with the powerful, the uplifting, the electrifying Queen of Confidence: Erika Cramer. We know you’ll leave this episode feeling empowered AF!

Episode 110. Why Confidence Feels Like Sh*t | Erika Cramer, The Queen Of Confidence

Known as “the Cardi B of the personal development world”, Erika Cramer, aka The Queen of Confidence, is a full-flavored, spicy inspirational speaker and mentor to thousands of women across the globe. Today, she connects with an engaged global community and shares with tens of thousands of women on a daily basis to help empower, encourage and inspire them to step into their confidence.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Having survived many traumatic experiences in her youth, Erika spent a number of years searching for love, peace and validation in all the wrong places. She has survived childhood sexual abuse, being brought up in and out of the foster care system, life-altering car accidents and a whole lot of grief and loss.

In the last decade or so, she has been able to turn her life around from one of hopelessness and pain to one of passion, growth and success, after going on her own powerful journey of personal healing. An international confidence coach, Erika also hosts a five-star rated podcast, The Confidence Chronicles, which is in the top 10 of the Australian Apple charts for Mental Health, with 1,000,000+ downloads and counting, and listeners in 70+ countries.

She has created a seven-figure global business by mentoring and helping those who have suffered similar life experiences as her own. Erika’s story is one of triumph over adversity and she is full of light, laughter and of course, confidence. Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform trauma into triumph.

You can follow Erika on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and her website.

Episode 110 Highlights:

  • Growing up in a toxic and unhealthy environment—the story Erika tells us is so heartbreaking with what she had to go through as a child and left us speechless. She is truly a miracle to be here. Find out what trials and tribulations she endured in childhood to adulthood, and how she overcame them. Her story is truly an inspiration!
  • Confidence feels like sh*t—The truth behind confidence is that it doesn’t feel good! You have to be comfortable at being super f*cking uncomfortable…that’s where you build it up. We loved how Erika explained how it feels to her.
  • What building confidence actually looks like—whether you’re a first generation wealth builder, starting a business or you’re someone who is looking to level up, its gonna take a certain level of self-confidence to reach that next point in your life. Listen to the steps Erika took through her own journey on how to feel confident in everything you do.
  • Quieting the critics (including our own inner critic)—WE GIVE TOO MANY SH*TS ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK! As a society, we care so much about outside opinions to the point where we lose our own voices & hesitate on showing up for ourselves. And we can also we our own worst enemy. Erika breaks it all the way down on how to move passed this mental block.
  • The journey to entrepreneurship—Being a Latina and growing up in the hood, there were a lot of limiting beliefs Erika had to work through in order to become a successful business owner, especially when she relocated to foreign country. You’ll be so inspired on how she bossed up!
  • And SO much more!

This episode with Erika was so impactful. We were immediately drawn to Erika when we first discovered her on Instagram and the energy she has is so captivating. The amount of gems she drops will have you feeling unstoppable, no matter what circumstance(s) you’ve gone through, or will go through in the future. She’s the type of person you need to have in your life. The big sister you needed growing up. There’s no bullish*t when it comes to her and her message, and that’s what we love about her!

If you are ready to step into your power and change your life, then episode 110 is a MUST LISTEN! (don’t say we didn’t warn you😉)

You are an absolute QUEEN, Erika. We cannot thank you enough for shining your light on this platform. Thank you so much for being unapologetically YOU! We love you, hermana!❤️

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