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Episode 109. How To Enforce Boundaries & Live Your Life Authentically | Karina F. Daves, Life Coach & Creator of “One Day At A Time” Podcast


October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and episode 109 focuses on the importance of working on your mental health, featuring the insightful Karina F. Daves. Here at Yo Quiero Dinero™, we believe that your mental health is the foundation for everything you can achieve in life. If you’ve been struggling with your mental health recently, you’re definitely going to want to listen to this episode!

Episode 109. How To Enforce Boundaries & Live Your Life Authentically | Karina F. Daves, Life Coach & Creator of "One Day At A Time" Podcast

Karina F. Daves is a Life Coach, podcaster and blogger who helps women, specifically moms, get their lives back by unpacking their limiting beliefs, discovering their boundaries and shedding light on their blindspots. As someone who lost herself along the journey of motherhood, she is committed to bounce moms back on their own journey towards their purpose. She’s been mentoring and leading community-based practices for close to a decade.

As a life coach, she provides several platforms for her audience to dig in and receive respite. Karina’s podcast, “One Day At A Time“, is the nexus for tips on how to have relationships, set boundaries and live your best life. Her focus is on boundaries, toxic friendships and relationships, and putting yourself first.

Her growing community allows women to see that they are not alone in this thing called “life”. She guides women towards a fulfilled life of making sure that they are the main characters in their lives!

You can follow Karina on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and her website.

In Episode 109, Karina talks about:

  • Growing up in a strict, Latina household and how that affected her life into adulthood—Karina watched a lot of generational, toxic habits growing up, and seeing women never truly do what they wanted to do in order to live a life of fulfillment. Hear about how being a rebel growing up helped shape her into the woman she is now.
  • The pivotal moment in her life that caused her to change—Listen to this crazy ass story of how a wild night out, and the setbacks that occurred afterwards, completely changed her outlook on life. You won’t believe all of the sh*t that happened to her!
  • Overcoming toxic relationships—Romantic relationships aren’t the only types of relationships that can be toxic. Friendships and family can be toxic, too! As Latinas, we hold such a huge importance on the relationships we have in our lives and sometimes, they can be detrimental to us. Listen to the ways Karina recommends for you to overcome the toxic relationships you may have in your own life.
  • Rediscovering your voice—As women and especially Latinas, we tend to let outside opinions have more value than our own. Find out how Karina rediscovered who she wanted to be vs. what everyone else wanted her to be.
  • Losing your identity, especially when you become a mother—A lot of us tend to give up on our dreams because we have this sense that those dreams are going to have to be at the cost of something. Listen to Karina’s own self-discovery process and the steps she took to help find herself and her purpose.
  • Setting boundaries and blocking out the noise—We should all prioritize the things that matter to us. And the boundaries that we set can paralyze us with guilt for choosing ourselves first. Karina gives us advice on how to overcome those obstacles and shares the mistakes we sometimes make when we allow people to cross those boundaries.
  • And so much more!

Episode 109 is full of GEMS 💎💎💎! We absolutely loved EVERYTHING Karina talked about. She leaves you feeling like it’s okay to choose yourself first. It’s okay to live your most authentic life. And it’s okay to say no to anything that doesn’t serve your purpose.

We place so much value on what other people think (especially what our families think) about what we’re doing with our lives. Karina gives us the permission to take our power back, to set those necessary boundaries with everyone around us and to stand firm in what we believe is best for us, in order to live out best lives.

Thank you, Karina, for your honesty, your authenticity, for being so open with us, and for your humbled soul. She is truly an inspiration and was such a pleasure to work with. We adore you, queen!❤️

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 Until next time, stay empowered, stay inspired & #staypoderosa ✨💎

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