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Episode 104: The Secret Sauce To Serial Entrepreneurship | Ada Rojas, All Things Ada


Episode 104 is filled with practical tips on building a business, as well as why tending to our personal needs is key to being a successful entrepreneur.

Ada Rojas is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in establishing successful ventures with a lifestyle focus that infuses themes of culture, community, and confidence. A consummate creative with a multi-faceted career, she is an accomplished speaker, marketing consultant, and the CEO and founder of Vecina Couture, a luxury line of loungewear. As a veteran in the digital media industry, she is sought after by some of the nation’s biggest brands as a thought partner and frequent collaborator.

Ada is a leader in digital media, known for creating content that inspires and motivates the masses. She has worked with brands such as HBO, L’Oreal, Instagram, and Kia Motors; and has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Telemundo, and Refinery 29. Her entrepreneurial endeavors have reflected an unapologetic celebration of her heritage, and an unwavering commitment to building a community of 70,000 like-minded women, affectionately known as her “Vecinas.”

To Ada, representation doesn’t just matter, it’s a way of life, and she regularly gives talks on issues surrounding race, identity, business, and marketing in and beyond the Afro-Latinx community. The heart of her work is driven by the desire to compel other women to fully embrace who they are and pursue their dreams with a fearless tenacity.

You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

Episode 104 Highlights:

  • How she leveraged her 9 to 5s for her entrepreneurial journey—a common misconception is that entrepreneurship follows a linear path. That from Day One, we knew what we were going to build. Ada reminds us that that’s not the case. Some of her 9 to 5s included working on a cruish ship in Australia, to being a bank teller. No matter how different or “out there” her jobs were, listen to learn how she gathered valuable lessons from each of these experiences.
  • The origin story of her blog—Ada began her lifestyle blog when she realized that she was “good” at giving advice on things ranging from fashion to lifestyle. The other crucial component that helped her identify her blog niche was identifying a gap in the market: she did not see herself as an AfroLatina with curly hair represented in lifestyle spaces. If you’ve been thinking about building up a blog but are unsure of what you should even write about, download our free guide on how to identify your blog niche
  • How to conduct market research for your business—Ada’s main tip? Don’t assume you know what your audience wants. The most common mistake entrepreneurs make is not listening to their audience, and creating products that, really, no one even asked for. Listen to the episode to hear more of her tips, including how we can leverage the power of social media to conduct this research
  • Inner healing as a key component of entrepreneurship—we talk so much about our psychology and upbringing when it comes to money, but did you know it also ties so much into our business ventures? Ada talks us through the concept of our inner child, and how not addressing whatever traumas we may carry can make it so that our pride, our ego, all unhealed trauma seep into our business. Ada shares with us some of the practices she’s built into her routine to help her heal and be as clear-headed an entrepreneur she can be

We love this episode because Ada walks us through not only practical tips on pursuing entrepreneurship and building products, but also psychological insight on why it’s important to address our personal sh*t if we want to be as successful as we can be.

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