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Our Money, Our Power: The Virtual Experience

Are you ready to take control of your financial destiny? Do you dream of a life where money works for you, not the other way around? Look no further, because the opportunity you've been waiting for is here!

When we realize Our Money is Our Power, we give ourselves permission to dream bigger, do better, and thrive.

I believe that achieving financial security and creating extra wealth is the key to living the life of your dreams.

While many believe that money can’t buy happiness, having the financial freedom to live the life you want is one of the greatest forms of happiness.

When you have a solid financial foundation, you can make choices that align with your values and passions, whether that’s traveling the world, starting your own business, or simply having the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

But how do you even get there?

Our Money, Our Power: The Virtual Experience gives you the chance to learn the secrets to achieving financial freedom from your favorite money, business and mindset experts who will inspire you to demand more, live free, and get to your muthaf*ckin’ bag.

Grab your virtual seat at the table with powerful leaders & thriving founders who are not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Trust me—your future self will thank you for investing in this.

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You're Over Tired Ass Financial Advice From Old White Guys...

I know you’ve thought about this before…

You spend your days dreaming of having more time to spend with your loved ones. 

You’re tired of feeling like you’re working to make someone else rich.

You’ve thought about revamping your finances, getting out of debt, or maybe even buying some investments, but you’re so overwhelmed with information. SO. MUCH. INFORMATION.

You’ve spent months trying to DIY your way to building wealth, only to hit burnout, overwhelm and some serious imposter syndrome.

The struggle ends right here, right now.

It’s time to take back your power and start building some real generational wealth. 

Introducing: Our Money, Our Power: The Virtual Experience

This is not your ordinary collection of financial workshops. This financial freedom summit is the first of its kind.

It’s one that was created for us, and by us.

We’re tossing out old, irrelevant financial advice and creating an inclusive place where you can learn about money from people who understand you.

who am i anyway?

I’m Jannese...

I’m an Award-Winning Latina Money Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Creator of the #1 Personal Finance Podcast For Latinas, Yo Quiero Dinero!

I teach people like you to how to build wealth & gain financial freedom through online businesses and investing.

Thanks to learning about the power of money, I became financially independent at age 35 through investing and entreprenership.

I’m passionate about empowering people of color with financial literacy so we can break the chains of generational poverty and pursue lives that center around joy and freedom.

As seen in

This Is The Financial Education That I Needed As A Kid.

Cuz if you’re like me, you’re a first-gen kid with no money mentors.

You’re figuring this shit out as you go.

But you’re feeling like a lot of the money books, blogs and podcasts out there don’t really speak to you.

Does this sound like you?

🤔 I’m a first-gen kid that didn’t know anything about student loans, and now I have a sh*t ton of debt and don’t know how to get rid of it. 

🤔 I know I need to start investing but WTF is the difference between an index fund and an ETF?
🤔 I’m over corporate life, I want to start a business, but where do I even begin?

🤔 I want to build generational wealth for me and my family, should I invest or pay off debt first?
🤔 I have a ton of fear and anxiety around money, is there any hope for me to change my relationship from scarcity to abundance?

The foundation of your financial freedom starts with education…

This is why I created this summit. Because I’m tired of seeing us continue to make the same money mistakes we’ve seen our parents and grandparents make.

Knowledge is power, and I want to put the power back in your hands. The more you know about money, the more you can make informed decisions about your money.

Maybe you’re looking to get out of debt, start investing in the stock market, buy a home, or simply learn how to make the most of your money.  Wherever you’re at in your money journey, Our Money, Our Power: The Virtual Experience summit will equip you with the advice and tips you need to start making some serious money moves.

I’ve gathered some of the brightest minds in finance and wealth-building to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to transform your financial future.

Learn everything you need to confidently take control of your financial future by prioritizing your values and goals—not someone else’s.

This is your chance to transform your world, embrace new possibilities, and step into your greatness.

Embrace the excitement that comes with discovering all that’s possible for you as you eagerly anticipate the incredible journey that awaits you.

Declare your commitment to yourself today and take action towards the life you’ve always dreamed of.


This virtual summit is for:

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Our Money, Our Power: The Virtual Experience could be the start of a brand new life for you…

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Here's the Our Money, Our Power Lineup

Our Money, Our Power-29

A Healthy State of Panic with Farnoosh Torabi

Learn how fear can be your superpower to maximize your success to live richer and happier.

Untitled design (3)

Mastering Debt and Budgeting with Cindy Zuniga Sanchez, Yanely Espinal, Bernadette Joy, and Allison Baggerly

Is debt your biggest obstacle to achieving your money goals? Learn the secrets to master your budget and slay debt once and for all!

Being a Breadwinning Woman with Jannese Torres and Farnoosh Torabi

In this discussion, we're addressing the hurdles and challenges and provide you with the tools and strategies to thrive as a breadwinning woman.

Our Money, Our Power-72

You Don't Have to Be Rich to Invest with Jannese Torres, Yanely Espinal, Kara Perez & Bernadette Joy

In this discussion, we'll demystify the investment landscape and show you how to get started on your path to financial prosperity, regardless of your income level.

Our Money, Our Power-186

How Jannese Torres Created Financial Freedom

OMOP Founder & Yo Quiero Dinero creator Jannese Torres shares her journey to achieving financial freedom at age 35 and how you can do the same.

How to Be a Media Magnet with Arianna Davis

Join Arianna Davis, The Editorial Director of The Today Show Digital to learn how to make amplify your brand and business with big-time media opportunities.

Transforming Your Money Mindset with Karina F. Daves, Erika Cruz & Rachel Luna

If you've ever felt limited by your beliefs about money, struggled to save, or wondered why you can't seem to break free from financial stress, we will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and financial empowerment.

Give Yourself Permission to Be Wealthy With Rachel Luna

Do you find yourself held back by self-doubt, guilt, or limiting beliefs when it comes to wealth and prosperity? We'll help you overcome the mental and emotional barriers that have been keeping you from financial abundance.

An Honest Look at Financial Independence: What it Really Takes with Bernadette Joy

Financial independence is a dream for many, but what does it truly entail? Discover the real path to financial independence. Get ready to gain invaluable insights, debunk myths, and learn what it truly means to achieve financial freedom.

Doing Business Like a Real Boss with Cat Del Carmen, Nicole Nieves, and Bernadette Joy

Are you ready to level up your business game and take the entrepreneurial world by storm? We're empowering you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to lead your business to unprecedented success.

Making Content Your Business Without It Making You Its B*tch With Melissa Jean Baptiste, Jen Ruiz, Nicole Nieves and Victoria Leandra

Are you drowning in the demands of content creation, feeling like your content is running your business instead of the other way around? We'll help you regain control and turn your content into a powerful business asset.

Ink That Book! The Business of Becoming an Author with Jen Ruiz, Rachel Luna, Allison Baggerly, Yanely Espinal, Melissa Jean Baptiste, Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez, and Arianna Davis

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name on the cover of a bestselling book? It's time to turn that dream into reality! We'll guide you through the entire journey of becoming a successful author, from penning your manuscript to building a thriving author business.

There's over $100,000 of financial & business coaching in this program, and you can snag it for just $197.

You Don't Want To Miss Out On All This!

Your OMOP Goodies Include:

12 On-Demand Video Modules to Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Money And Business

$100,000 VALUE

Need an accountability partner? I got you boo. 😘 You get access to my VIP OMOP Community, so you can get real-time assistance and connect with your fellow OMOP attendees!

$5,000 VALUE

Discount 1:1 Calls With Jannese For 75% Off The Retail Price!

$10,000 VALUE

Lifetime Access To This Material & A Special Discount For Our Next Live Event!

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but you can enroll today for just $197.

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The OMOP Virtual Experience is for:

  • The entrepreneur who is ready to level up
  • The content creator who wants to better monetize her work
  • The innovator ready to take the leap and start her own business
  • The working professional who wants more freedom
  • The corporate leader who wants to create multiple streams of income
  • The go getter ready to earn six figures on her own terms
  • The first generation college graduate who wants to secure a future for themselves
  • The provider who wants to build a legacy for their family
  • The employee living paycheck to paycheck ready to break the cycle
  • The individual that knows where they want to go and just needs the tools to get there

1️⃣ Expert Speakers: Our lineup of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs will share their insights and secrets to financial success.

2️⃣ Actionable Insights: Get ready for hands-on workshops, real-life case studies, and actionable advice you can implement immediately.

3️⃣ Transformational Experience: This event isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about transforming your relationship with money and taking tangible steps towards your financial goals.

4️⃣ Exclusive Resources: Gain access to exclusive resources, tools, and materials that will help you on your financial journey.

5️⃣ Community Support: Connect with a community of motivated individuals who are on the same path as you, providing ongoing encouragement and accountability.

This course has is fully-self paced. Upon enrollment, you’ll gain access to the course modules so you can move at your own pace. 

Decide whether you’re a “take handwritten notes in a journal” person or an “open a google doc and type it into the cloud” kind of person—because in addition to taking notes, you’ll need space to write in order to participate in the course activities…which are HIGHLY recommended to be completed!

All Yo Quiero Dinero digital products are intellectual-based courses. Due to the inability to reverse knowledge, you will have lifetime access to this information and as a result, all sales are final. Please send any inquiries to

Yes, all the course videos feature closed captions, and they’re searchable too!

Financial Freedom Is Calling! Are You Ready?

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