Episode 76. How To Buy Back Your Freedom With FIRE | Jamila Souffrant, Journey To Launch

Episode 76 is all about how to intentionally design your life towards reaching FIRE—financial independence and retiring early.

How To Buy Back Your Freedom With FIRE

All of February, we are exclusively featuring Black creators in the personal finance and entrepreneurship space. In Episode 76, we hear from Jamila Souffrant of Journey To Launch!

If you’re just starting on your personal finance journey, this one’s for you! And if you’re a budding entrepreneur who’s considering making the leap to full-time entrepreneurship, this one is especially for you!

Jamila Souffrant is the creator and host of Journey To Launch, a blog turned podcast that began as a way to document her journey to financial independence. Jamila was pregnant with her first son and dealing with a 3-4 hour long commute, and knew right then that she needed to figure out a way to retire early and buy back her freedom. In 2018, she found herself packing up her cubicle and heading out the door for the last time. Why? Because she had finally achieved the financial freedom she needed to leave her job and become a full-time entrepreneur. Two million downloads later, Jamila inspires listeners (known as journeyers) to eliminate debt, save more money and increase their net worth so that they can ultimately achieve Financial Freedom & Independence. 

In Episode 76, Jamila talks about:

  • The trial-and-error of trying to find side hustles— Jamila lays out all the different things she tried when she realized she didn’t want to be working for someone for the rest of her life. Guess what? It took her several attempts to find something that worked.
  • Her decision-making process when transitioning to a full-time entrepreneur— many full-time entrepreneur influencers will talk all about quitting their job and how good it feels to work for yourself. In reality, indecision, tension, learning, and fear are all part of this transition from a 9-5 to entrepreneurship. And that’s okay. This episode is great at giving you a peek into everything running through her head when making this decision.
  • Designing her life intentionally while reaching financial independence—for Jamila, the reason that she began pursuing financial independence was the same reason for why she didn’t want this journey to be all about the money. If this was about reaching a goal of freedom, choice, and living, she wanted the journey to mirror this lifestyle. Your pursuit of FIRE does not have to make you miserable!
  • Getting your partner on board with FIRE— Jamila had already been learning about personal finance when she decided she wanted to start her FIRE journey. Her partner, on the other hand, wasn’t in the same place as her. They had to get comfortable with living a more conscious lifestyle, decide on trade-offs, use a budget, etc.
  • Financial self-care—financial self care, like personal finance, is personal. What feels good for one person may not have much of an effect on someone else. For Jamila, her forms of financial self-care necessitated having a solid money management system, having clarity over her family’s money situation, and investing in ourselves to make room for what we value. Note: none of these involve scarcity!

If you’ve been feeling anxious as you embark on your money or entrepreneurial journey, this episode will reaffirm your decision-making. Nothing about this journey is easy, clear, or void of obstacles—especially when you’re a first-generation wealth-builder. Jamila paints it like it is with zero shame.

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