Episode 55: How To Be Your Own Boss | Kerry Deliz, Online Business Strategist

Episode 55 is all about How To Be Your Own Boss with Kerry Deliz of @kerryformayor⁠!

How To Be Your Own Boss

Kerry is a financial coach and business strategist who works with women to become their own sugar daddies through her money coaching brand, Cash Is Kween! She began her career in e-commerce over a decade ago. In 2009, she began doing financial coaching in NYC as a volunteer and that was where her journey in personal finance began. After ignoring the truth of her debt, she realized she had over $70k in debt!

Kerry made a plan to tackle her debt, and she had aspirations to do more than just work a 9-5. In order to do that, Kerry knew she had to get her sh*t together, so she set her plans in motion to get her finances in order, quither corporate job, and start her own business.⁠ Find out how Kerry did this by checking out the episode.

This chica’s energy GIVES ME LIFE!! We met on Instagram a while ago and have bonded ever since. Can’t wait for all of you to hear her episode!

In episode 55, Kerry and I talk about:

  • Love and money—real talk, it’s hard to start that convo but so necessary!⁠
  • How money talk was taboo in our families growing up⁠
  • Running a business through a profit first method⁠
  • Out hatred for multi-level marketing institutions⁠

If you’re thinking about launching your business anytime soon, or are looking to make your business profitable, be sure to check this episode out! Remember to share and leave a review!

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