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Episode 46: How Yaritza Scored $200,000+ In Scholarships & Got A Free Ivy League Education | Yaritza Gonzalez of College Money Chica

Episode 46 is all about getting that dinero for your education! This week’s episode features Yaritza Gonzalez, a higher education professional, college admissions coach, and creator of College Money Chica.

How Yaritza Scored $200,000+ In Scholarships & Got A Free Ivy League Education

Through her college admissions coaching business, College Money Chica, Yaritza teaches Latinos the tips and tricks helped her land over $200,000 in scholarship money, bankrolling her private and Ivy League education. She attended Seton Hall University in New Jersey and later earned a graduate degree from NYC’s Columbia University’s Teachers College, where she earned a Masters in Higher and Post Secondary Education. Yaritza is on a mission to let every Latino know that DEBT-FREE COLLEGE IS POSSIBLE AND ATTAINABLE. She was raised in Puerto Rico and in Northern NJ and is currently based in the greater NYC area.

In Episode 46, Yaritza and I discuss:

  • Her strategy for securing over $200,000 in scholarships
  • How to get a free degree in exchange for working for a college or university
  • The dangers of not really understanding student loans…raise your hand if you saw this as fun money for a hot minute!
  • ⁠Making questionable money choices, simply because we just don’t know⁠ better
  • Learning from our money mistakes⁠
  • Resources to use for your scholarship search. Some of the ones we mention are Scholly & Big Future.

If you’re a college student, the parent of a college student, or a parent planning for your child’s future, you know that pursuing higher education has become more essential to unlock wealth building careers in STEM. As a result, college degrees have become more expensive. It’s no wonder that student loan debt in 2020 is now about $1.56 trillion! But there are ways of pursuing this dream without falling in debt for most of your life. Student loans suck, but luckily, they’re not the only way to finance your college education. Make sure you know all of your options, so that you and your child can make the best financial decision for their future! As always, stay poderosa!

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