Episode 44: How To Know If You’re Ready To Invest in Real Estate | Loida Velasquez of eXp Realty

In celebration of our recent Plutus Award nomination for best New Personal Finance Podcast, we’re dropping another bonus episode!! Episode 44 is all things real-estate, which is a HOT topic right now.⁠

How To Know If You're Ready To Invest in Real Estate

We talk to Loida Velasquez (@loidavelas on IG), who is a real estate agent with Team BC at eXp Realty in Southern California. She has built most of her business through the old school approach of cold calling and door knocking. Prior to transitioning into real estate in late 2014, Loida worked in the marketing and advertising industry for 8 years and the combination of that experience along with her passion for real estate, has allowed her to become successful in a short period of time. Currently, Loida is well known in the real estate community through her YouTube Channel and Instagram, where she helps thousands of agents through her real estate related videos!

In Episode 44, Loida and I talk about:

  • The cultural nuances of buying real estate—because we don’t all go into this processes the same way!⁠
  • ⁠How to know if you’re ready or not to buy your first home⁠
  • ⁠How to find your best realtor⁠
  • ⁠Her thoughts on real estate as an investment strategy⁠

This episode is short and sweet! And yet, so much is packed in it. This episode is one of the many recent resources we’ve been putting out here for you all to start having those open, honest convos with yourself all about money and goals. From my Next Advisor piece, to an IG Live with @crediverso, YQD wants to give you the tools you need to make some dinero moves like the badass poderosa you are.⁠

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